Check Out Azazie’s Latest Bridal Bags and Shoes Collection for Your Big Day

These Are Sure to Wow!

When people talk about wedding planning, their mind starts wondering about everything that needs to be done. Clothes, venue, menus, décor, and the list can go on. But something that brides usually do not put at the top of their priority lists is accessories. That doesn’t only mean jewelry but also footwear and clutches. If you are a soon-to-be-bride reading this, then you have landed in just the right place. Here are 5 items from the new collection of Azazie, — something for every type of bride!

Azazie Lace Bow White High Heel Wedding Shoes

Azazie Lace Bow White High Heel Wedding Shoes

This pair is the dream of every bride. Satin finish, cute bows, perfect heels, and the right shade of white, it has it all! No matter if you are wearing a short dress or a floor-length gown for the big day, these are going to complement them all. With just a price of $49, you can make these yours.

Azazie Blue Pleated Chiffon Bow Mid-Heel Sandals

For someone who prefers comfort over fashion and wants to put on a statement piece, this blue pleated chiffon bow mid-heel sandals are for you. For a cost of $59, you can have the ‘something blue’ in your wedding right under your feet. Additionally, they also have an ankle strap to make them more comfortable for the big day of hustle. What makes its bridal collection worthy is the gorgeous chiffon bow at its front.

Azazie Mesh Crystal Underarm Bag

For our blingy bride, we recommend an Azazie mesh crystal underarm bag. The bag can hold your entire world on the big day and still won’t look stuffed, and the beautiful knotted strap makes it easier for you to carry around. All you need to do is pair it with some diamond jewelry, and you are good to go. Take it with you to your reception, a black-tie event, or any party, and it will fling around with you at just $49.

Azazie Champagne Pleated Ruffle Evening Heels

Azazie Champagne Pleated Ruffle Evening Heels

For someone who is in search of a minimalistic pair of shoes that also attracts the attention of everybody around, Azazie champagne pleated ruffle evening heels are your right choice. Available at a price of $59, you can grab this gorgeous piece of footwear from Azazie’s official website. The shiny satin finish in the ruffle at the front is worth every penny. Accessories it with golden earrings and the gold bridal clutch by Azazie, and you will have a complete look for yourself.

Azazie Cream Pearl Hand-Embellished Evening Clutch

Azazie Cream Pearl Hand-Embellished Evening Clutch

A clutch that every bride must have is the latest cream pearl hand-embellished evening clutch by Azazie. The item screams bridal with the beautiful pearl work all over. You can carry it with you at the reception party and put all your essentials in this classy bag. To make it easier for the bride, it also has a golden chain attached to it. The best part? You can use it even after the big day for parties and events and make every penny count that you spend, which is $49, and it will add the right amount of bling to your look.

The Big Comeback That the Micro Wedding Is Making a This Year

A well-known wedding planner, Bronson van Wyck, has been planning smaller events recently, which is not something that he’s used to. The reason for this is the social distancing rules and the recent pandemic. He’s had a lot of clients that have had to tone down their big blowout parties to have a more intimate affair or a micro wedding. Some decided to settle for this option as a whole, while others are settling and choosing to have the big bash they’ve dreamed about in a few years.

Micro WeddingEach Micro Wedding Focuses On the Details

Bronson van Wyck said that planning a micro wedding meant that you can focus on every last detail of the event. These typically include guests of about 30 people. He even planned a wedding that had the grandparents sitting at a sweetheart table that was socially distanced from everyone else and wore masks the entire time to stay safe.

The online retailer Etsy found that between June and July this year, there were more searches involving small-scale ceremonies. People were searching for courthouse and city hall wedding items which saw a 67% increase in searches, while there was a 29% increase in mini-monies and elopement weddings.

Micro Wedding The Knot, which is another website, found that there was a 27% increase in couples who were planning smaller ceremonies that included themselves or just a small handful of family members.

Small Doesn’t Mean “Slapdash”

According to van Wyck, having a micro wedding doesn’t mean that it’s “slapdash” or disorganized. A couple who was supposed to get married at a St. Regis hotel decided to get married at a small and charming inn in New Jersey. Another couple decided to get married at one of their friends’ apple orchard, and this was a wedding that was planned in only 10 days, where 75 of their guests watched on Zoom.