The Brand Alison Lou Is Officially Launching a Bridal Collection

Alison Chemla is the face behind the label Alison Lou, and her collection of jewelry is widely known. It featured emojis that were made from precious enamel, metals, stones, and more. However, her newest collection is a bit more sentimental. She’s taking a step into the finer jewelry realm as she launches a bridal collection called ‘I Do by Lou,’ which will feature modern engagement rings and bands for brides that are looking for something a bit more fashionable.

Alison Lou Launching a Bridal Collection
The Brand Alison Lou Is Officially Launching a Bridal Collection

No Stranger to Weddings

Alison is no stranger to weddings as they’ve always been on her mind. She and her sister got married only a year apart and almost on the same day. She was lucky enough to help her sister with all things jewelry-related for her wedding. For her wedding, Alison made her wedding band and her husband’s band, along with the rest of the jewelry that she wore.

She’s been making and resetting engagement rings for her family, friends, and even private clients for more than four years now. After posting some of the projects on her social media, more and more requests started pouring in, which meant that it was time for Alison Lou to have a bridal collection.

Signature Alison Lou Silhouettes Transformed

Selena Gomez wearing Alison Lou earrings in a 2018 campaign for Puma.
The Brand Alison Lou Is Officially Launching a Bridal Collection

Alison Lou’s bridal collection has all kinds of styles — ranging from classic silhouettes to some alternative and artful options. Chemla decided to stick to her roots by transforming some of her signature Alison Lou silhouettes into customizable bride-to-be options. They use enamel throughout most of the bridal collection, and they’ve even incorporated some rings that have previously looked like cocktail rings.

She hopes that Alison Lou’s bridal collection will bring joy to all couples that have been rethinking the meaning behind proposing, getting married, and celebrating in the middle of a pandemic. She also claims that she’s personally very excited to just attend a wedding and dance with friends and family, no matter how small the celebration is.