5 Additions to Make Your Winter Wedding Even More Magical

Nothing says magic like a cozy winter wedding, under a layer of white snow. The season adds an etherealness to the event, making it all the more romantic and perfect for nuptials. If you’re looking forward to getting married under the winter sky, here are some tips and tricks that will make your guests happier during your winter celebrations.

Outdoor Fire Pits

A big drawback of winter weddings is the cold, which often has guests shivering. One of the best additions to make to your wedding is to add outdoor fire pits in the area for guests to warm up when they can’t bear the cold. This will keep the place cozy and habitable, giving guests a comfortable area to mingle, chat and dance. The fire pits will add to the ambiance of your cozy settings.

Fairy Lights

Who hasn’t dreamt of getting married under twinkling lights, in a setting that is reminiscent of a fairy tale? Twinkling fairy lights are a great way to add an Instagram-able quality to your wedding and make the event social media famous. Decorate your wedding venue with these tiny lights to bring to the forefront the perfect backdrop for photos, and make your fairy tale wedding dreams come true. Even your guests will thank you for giving them a gorgeous area to take photos in. Don’t forget to add the wedding hashtag when you do end up being Insta-famous!

Hot Beverages

Who can turn down a mouth-melting hot chocolate during the chilly winters? No one, that’s who. In addition to any cold drinks you may be serving, having some signature hot beverages can be a delicious addition to ward off the winter chills. Your guests will love to not only sip on these drinks but also just hold them to let the warmth seep into their skin. Some great options are hot cider, coffee, and hot chocolate. You can’t go wrong with these soul-pleasing drinks.

DIY S’mores Station

This idea works not only by itself but also with your outdoor fire pits and your hot chocolate. This fun dessert station will give your guests a chance to experiment and make some mix-and-match versions of this wonderful dessert. Your guests will love to sit near the fire pits to roast some s’mores themselves, getting themselves the ultimate winter experience. You can always have fun with the toppings, but don’t forget the evergreen graham crackers!