The Best Reason To Choose A Wellness Bachelorette Party

When the phrase “bachelorette party” is thrown about, it usually calls to mind the kind of hard partying that had long been left behind in our younger years. As destination bachelor and bachelorette parties become increasingly popular, there’s an argument to be made that we should leave the partying behind in favor of a more holistic bachelorette party.

Rather than blowing your diet and your budget on drinks and clubs, choosing a wellness retreat for you and your girls can be a great way to disconnect from the stress of wedding planning.

Taking a break to relax when you’ve been tied in knots for months will not only help you be mentally prepared for marriage, it can also help you to prepare your body, aiding in whatever beauty and fitness regimens you’ve taken on before the big day. Many wedding planning gurus have been stressing the importance of self-care in the run-up to the wedding, which has led to a slate of self-care centered Instagram posts. In that case, why not grab your girls and bring them along for the ride?

If you really want to get spiritual, a group meditation retreat can be a nice way to let go, reflect on the upcoming changes in your life, but to also reconnect with the other leading ladies in your life. Of course, something along those lines may not be for everyone, but wellness retreats don’t have to be all about connecting to your inner self. For those who are more into letting go by getting moving, you can try out any number of group exercises from Soul Cycle style spin classes to yoga.

It may even turn out that the best option for your group is to simply spend a weekend at the spa getting massages and sipping on cucumber water.