Here’s Why Hiring a Videographer for a Wedding is the Smart Choice

You’ve picked the venue, booked the DJ, hired the photographer, and you may think you have everything sorted out for your wedding day. But if you haven’t hired a wedding videographer yet, you might be wrong. Many couples who didn’t hire a videographer for their weddings regret that they didn’t.

Videographer Shooting a Wedding Couple
Here’s Why Hiring a Videographer for a Wedding is the Smart Choice

While professional photographers capture many of the special moments on their own, a video can compile all of those memories with the essential details for you to rewatch for years to come.

Here are some reasons as to why you should get a videographer:

The Wedding Video Might Not Be What You Think

The camera won’t be all in your face the whole day or night. In fact, the job of a wedding videographer is to embrace more of a documentary-style way of filming. The video can be taken in a variety of different styles and it can focus on the details of the event.

The Videographer Can Capture Sounds

Video camera recording bride and father of the bride walking down aisle
Here’s Why Hiring a Videographer for a Wedding is the Smart Choice

Of course, with video, there is sound. You can playback the footage of your vows or the tears of joy from your bridal party seeing you for the first time in your dress, or even the cheer from the guests as you walk down the aisle hand in hand for the first time as a married couple. It creates a different kind of memory for you to look back on that your photos can’t.

The Video Won’t Be Hours Long

Most wedding videos are 3 to 5 minutes long and play the best highlights of the event. They mainly capture and include shots of the venue, the getting ready process, footage from the ceremony, and even some of the reception.

Videos Are Great for In-between Moments

Photographers can take posed and candid shots, but when it comes to everything in between those moments, you will need a videographer. There is no posing involved so there’s no need to worry about looking awkward.