Top Wedding Guest Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid Making

Avoid These Etiquette Mistakes

While wedding guest etiquette may seem pretty straightforward, mistakes are more common than you may think. From being late to disrespecting the dress code, there are several mistakes wedding guests usually make still today. Here are a few wedding guest etiquette mistakes you should avoid making.

Rescinding Your RSVP Confirmation

Once you have confirmed yes to your RSVP, never cancel it to swap with a better offer that came after. We sometimes need to say “no” even after saying “yes,” but a wedding RSVP confirmation is not among those circumstances. It’s just mindless poor guest etiquette.

Asking to Bring a Plus-One

Asking to Bring a Plus-One

When there’s no plus-one indication on the wedding invitation, respect that choice. Pushing the couple by asking to bring a plus-one while you RSVP is an inappropriate guest etiquette that creates an embarrassing situation for both parties. Nobody wants that at a wedding ceremony.

Arriving Late to the Ceremony

Being late happens. But to attend a wedding ceremony, you should take extra caution and try to arrive ahead of time out of respect for the couple. If you’re late, making a scene by trying to get a good spot is a big no-no for guest etiquette. Just slip in quietly without any disruption.

Skipping the Gift at a Destination Wedding

Attending a destination wedding can be expensive, but this doesn’t mean you can skip a gift altogether just to attend the ceremony. However pricey the whole affair is, giving a modest wedding gift is always in order, and not making that effort is very poor guest etiquette.