Everything There Is To Know About A Wedding Contract

There are several aspects to think about when planning a wedding. Perhaps the idea of a wedding contract has your head in a spin? Here’s everything there is to know about a wedding contract.

What Is A Wedding Contract?

A wedding contract is an agreement between the couple and someone offering a service. They make sure that everyone is one the same page and provide you with proof if something were to happen.


You may need to talk about travel in your wedding contract if you are working outside of your vendor’s usual perimeters. This might cover the cost of travel, who is in charge of organizing that travel, and whether you will include the vendor’s meals.

Cancellations Or Postponements

There are times that weddings need to be postponed or certain aspects have to be canceled. This section of the wedding contract will cover what happens if either were to happen, including their rebooking and refund policies.

Services Provided

This should cover everything the vendor is going to provide you for your wedding. This includes what they are bringing, the people providing it, and any details you may need about how to communicate with one another.


When will you need to pay? Are those payments refundable? Do you need a deposit? The payment section of this contract is arguably one of the most important. After all, you want to make sure that everyone is one the same page.


Termination is different from a cancellation. This is when the couple and the vendor decide to terminate their relationship. You need to ensure it includes what happens if one of you decides to end the working relationship.

Wedding contracts don’t have to be as scary as they sound. Learning everything there is to know about a wedding contract means you’ll be prepared for any that comes your way.

Grandmother Wears Her Dream Lace Wedding Dress at 94

Dreams do come true. You may have to wait a few decades for it, but eventually, they become a reality. Lehman and Martha Tucker are proof of this. They tied the knot back in 1952. Their marriage was a romantic one. However, the bride wanted to get married in a lace, white wedding gown and she happened to have missed out on that. This was because, back then, Martha was not able to buy it in the bridal showrooms in Alabama due to racial segregation.

Secrets Revealed

All these years, Martha never told anyone about these wishes. She kept them close to her heart. However, when she was in conversation with her granddaughter Angela Strozier, she happened to disclose her wishes at 94. She understood the many sacrifices she had to make as a Black woman, all those years ago. Women in her generation were denied many basic rights, courtesies, and customs that most people took for granted. So, her granddaughter decided to fulfill her grandmother’s wishes by dressing her in a lace wedding dress.

The Fittings

Strozier took her to David’s Bridal at Hoover in Alabama after she was treated to a brunch and a makeup session. She finally wore the wedding dress she had always dreamed about. It was a full-length white dress with lace sleeves and a matching veil. There was also a charming and cheeky lace garter. In an interview with CNN, Martha said that she was so excited that she felt like she was getting married all over again. She was shocked to see her reflection and could not stop smiling.

Dream Come True

Unfortunately, her better half Lehman had passed away back in 1975 but she kept the promise she had made on the day she had married him – to wear the dress that was worthy of the vows she had made. It took 70 years, but her dreams did come true.

Hold on to your dreams, people. You never know when it may just come true.