How to Make the Most of Virtual Wedding Appointments

As a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, planning a wedding in the next few months might seem like a challenge – and not being able to meet with potential vendors in person doesn’t make anything easier. Appointments will likely have to be virtual, but there are ways to prepare for this.

Here’s what you can expect from certain wedding vendors through your virtual appointments.

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How to Make the Most of Virtual Wedding Appointments

Venue Coordinator

Ideally, you would pick your venue in person. However, given the circumstance you are in, virtual calls and videos will have to suffice. Your coordinator should walk you through the venue and answer your questions.


Stationers tend to work virtually on a regular basis. They can send over custom samples through email or online galleries. Connecting with them through phone or email will be necessary to clarify your needs.

Hair and Makeup

Trials for hair and makeup have to be put on hold for the time being; however, it can be crucial for you to create inspiration boards to share with your makeup artist or hairstylist when you can meet in-person.


If you have already purchased your wedding dress and other wedding day attire, it’s not a big deal to wait for a fitting. However, if you haven’t picked your dress yet, some wedding shops are making virtual try-on sessions available for brides. Some are even offering deliveries.

Catering and Cake Baker

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How to Make the Most of Virtual Wedding Appointments

Unfortunately, you can’t taste food or a cake virtually. However, if you live in the same area as the catering company or cake baker, you can request to have samples delivered.


Picking a photographer shouldn’t be too difficult, even with a virtual setting. They can send over some of the wedding photography work and you can make the decision at home.

Officiant, Band, and DJ

These are important for a wedding and many can be picked easily through video conferencing. They are great for exchanging ideas and taking notes down on what the bride and groom want for their big day.

Virtual Planner and Designer

With a halt on most face-to-face meetings, wedding planners and designers have turned to video conferencing and other forms of virtual communication.