This Is What the Ultimate Spa Bachelorette Looks Like

There are two types of bachelorette parties — the weekend marathon where sleep is absent, and the laid-back decompresser where the only aim is to just be. If you’re more inclined towards a weekend filled with massages and lounging by the pool, a spa bachelorette party is right up your alley.

The Basics

A spa bachelorette is a weekend of low-stress and absolute relaxation. The weekend consists of a loose itinerary with everybody getting plenty of time to get some much-needed spa treatments, chill by the pool, or just indulge in a nap or two. In a nutshell, a spa bachelorette is the ultimate de-stressing event before a wedding.

The Host and the Payments

Usually, it is the Maid of Honor who is responsible for throwing together the bachelorette party. It’s important for the MoH to get approval from both the bride and the bridal party before planning and booking the accommodation and treatments. As far as payment is concerned, usually, everybody pays for themselves. This gives them the option of choosing what service they want to get. Sometimes, the bride’s parents cover a part of the expense as a treat for the bridal party. Other times, the bridal party likes to pitch in to buy the bride a special treatment as a gift,

The Planning

There are two ways to throw an amazing spa bachelorette party. The first one is to get the spa to you, where you get a vacation rental and have everything from massage therapists to mani-pedis brought there. If you want to do this, ensure that you get a rental with a pool because relaxation is never complete without some time lounging by the water. The second way is to book a resort that offers all the luxurious amenities you expect from a spa weekend. You can also add some fun games or maybe add a sound bath to give the weekend an oomph factor.