Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Maid of Honor

You’re preparing for your wedding day. Everything’s sorted — from the venue to the food. Yet, anxiety can make an appearance. At this time you need a friend who can don the Maid of Honor hat with elegance. Your friends will line up to get chosen for this most coveted spot, leaving you at your wit’s end as you try to figure out the probable MOH. Read on to learn some tricks for how to declutter mentally and choose the best mate for your wedding day.

Weigh the Strengths of Your Friends

To choose the Maid of Honor, you need to list out the probable candidates for bridesmaids — friends or relatives. Think of the duties that need to be done and assess who can fulfill them. Be critical when looking at the pros and cons of upgrading a bridesmaid to the position of a MOH. Your best bet would be to have someone reliable and a pro at organizing.

Selecting From Relatives

If you’re making efforts to choose the Maid of Honor from your friends and feel stressed about choosing among them, then it’s best to appoint a family member for the job. This could be your sister, cousin or niece, or any other relative you think is right for the role.

The Spendability factor

Though the position proclaims honor, it comes with a price tag — an overlooked fact! The costs of assuming the position can range from $1,000 to $2,000. The Maid of Honor has to take care of the planning of the bridal shower. Hence, make sure the probable candidate has the potential to spend. It’s better to be honest and discuss these expenses instead of having any last-minute unsavory surprises.

Ascertain her levels of understanding

The role of the Maid of Honor comes with responsibilities — from handling your frayed nerves to delivering a customized speech. Make sure your candidate is capable of this role. If you have a strong feeling about a particular person who has the finesse, assign her the role. Your understanding can help you to assign the role to the best-suited person.

Designate the Role to the Best Person

It’s natural to undergo bouts of anxiety as the nuptial date arrives. At this juncture, your Maid of Honor is the one who helps you to remain composed. So, try to visualize who can keep it together on your big day. Once you figure out the person, hand over the crown of honor to her.