Remember These Tips While Planning a Casual Wedding Celebration

A huge hall filled with hundreds of people, decorations, and a vast food menu – if all this sounds like the wrong idea for your wedding, then we have some ideas for you. People who want their wedding to be an intimate event and who wish to spend it with their loved ones with a casual ceremony, don’t worry. We have just the right ideas for a laid-back, low-key celebration with the people you love, and no formality.

Play With the Seating

Go ahead and have fun with your seating arrangement. Do you want comfy couches and cushioned chairs? Go for it! This is your big day and you are throwing a party for the people you love to be a part of your beautiful beginning. Mix and match your seating arrangement so that each guest of yours is at his utmost comfort.

A Small Guest List Is a Big Yes

Well, the whole purpose behind a casual wedding is to be relaxed before and on the D Day and the simplest key to that is inviting people who really matter. Having the right people around will elevate your wedding day experience in the best possible way. Keep going back to the list a couple of times before you send out the invites to make sure that you aren’t inviting anyone you don’t feel that close to but at the same time, you don’t miss out on someone important.

An Outdoor Arrangement

An outdoor ceremony is just the perfect type of setup for a casual wedding. Why, you ask? Well, a courtyard arrangement feels more relaxed than a formal one in a hall. You can add more to it by adding string lights and a floral arch, as suggested by Anna Griffith, senior sales manager at Cannon Green. Make sure that your entire setup matches your vibe.

Simple Lighting Is the Best

A gorgeous chandelier right in the middle of the wedding hall, hanging from the wall, with just the perfect tones of light, that is it. This is what should be the centerpiece of your décor. In case the hall is too big and seems a bit dull, go with the simple, subtle bistro lighting. While checking the placement of these lights, make sure every corner is lit and so is your dance floor. You do not want your family and friends out of the limelight on your wedding day.