The Ultimate Rules To Organizing A Bachelorette Party

The big day is soon to arrive; but first, it is time to plan the ultimate bachelorette party. Before the bride-to-be commits herself to the man of her dreams for the rest of her life, she gets the opportunity to have a fun, wild and crazy weekend with her best girl pals.

However, this is no easy and simple task, and that is why there is a list of the ultimate survival rules for any bachelorette party.


1. Always Delegate If you have been the chosen bachelorette planner, it probably means you are the closest to the bride. That is the best part, whereas, then being given the role of chief organizer, is a little tougher. To ensure it all goes smoothly, as team leader make sure to delegate jobs to other bridesmaids or bachelorette organizers. Decisions can be made faster, and everyone has a responsibility – not just you!


2. Find A Balance Really take into consideration what everyone will enjoy, and dismiss anything that could be considered annoying. While you may be a lover of all things pink, the rest of the party may not. While many like to party to the early hours of the morning, many may not. In which case, try and make it easy for people to have options.

3. Consider The Bride This is one of the most important. After all, it is her bachelorette party, and you want her to enjoy it. Perhaps she is not a lover of surprises, in which case sometimes it is better to let her be in the know. This doesn’t all have to be one big secret, she can have a say!


4. Be Clear On Costs Check with all attendees that they are willing to cover the costs you have suggested, and work the budget well in advance. While bachelorettes can work out costly, you do not want to be forking out even more money because you didn’t plan ahead. Also, consider all the activities, and do not splurge all the money on a fancy hotel room!