The Ultimate Guide to Renewing Your Wedding Vows

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Are you considering renewing your vows or wondering what it even is? Vow renewals are ceremonies where a couple reaffirm how committed they are to each other, and it can be done at any time, whether on a milestone anniversary or just because. If you’re looking for advice on planning your own vow renewal ceremony, here’s some advice from experts on how to go about it!

The Why and the When

Couples renew their vows for various reasons, each deeply personal. It could be to include more guests in their celebration, because they overcame challenges together, or simply to reignite the flame of passion. Some even use vow renewals as a way to bid farewell to an ailing partner.

The good news is that there’s no strict rule for when to renew vows. Some wait for big anniversaries like 20 or even 50 years of marriage, while others do it sooner. The timing is a personal choice, guided by the couple’s unique journey together.

Licenses and Planning

Unlike a wedding, vow renewals are ceremonial in nature and don’t require a marriage license, which means couples have the freedom to choose any location or officiant they want. Some use it as a chance to have the destination “wedding” they always dreamed of. This flexibility allows for a more personal and unique ceremony.

When it comes to planning, it involves deciding on the details, hiring key vendors, choosing a date, and sending invitations. Couples can decide on the formality and location, whether at home, a restaurant, or a place of worship. Hiring a photographer and other vendors ensures every special moment is captured. Just don’t get too caught up in the “wedding planning” or you’ll forget to just enjoy the day.

Drafting Renewal Vows

When writing renewal vows, your journey with your partner should be taken into account. If you’re doing it as a confirmation of what you promised each other when you first got married, then talk about the experiences and lessons you’ve learned while together. You can further thank each other for overcoming the difficulties during the exchange of vows and pledge the desire to continue to help and love each other.

Image by freepic.diller on Freepik

Couples may even choose to explain how their lives have changed for the good after they entered into marriage. Renewing vows is indeed a special occasion that shows deep undying love and loyalty. It is an opportunity to commemorate the journey shared and bring a fresh start.