Who’s Attending and Who’s Who at a Rehearsal Dinner

They say practice makes perfect, and when planning a wedding, perfect is always the goal – it’s maybe the last day ever that you want surprise mishaps. Your rehearsal dinner is like a pre-wedding celebration, and the groom’s parents typically host it. But who should be invited? 

Who Gets Invited

Who’s Who at the Rehearsal Dinner and Who You Should Add to the Attendance List

If you are planning a small dinner, start with those that will be essential for the ceremony rehearsal.The VIPs of your wedding celebration are who you should be thinking about, and that is often around 10 to 25 people. Parents, siblings, the wedding party (along with their dates), ushers, readers, and of course, your officiant. 

Immediate Family

This is an obvious mention but a much-needed one. The immediate family of the married couple should always be invited to the rehearsal dinner. Parents, siblings, and grandparents are usually included. A wedding is the joining of a couple but also the merging of two families.

Close Extended Family

You shouldn’t feel obligated to invite all your uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. However, small families can often get away with it. Godparents or other favorite close extended family members may make the cut.  

Bridal Party

This is a must, along with any plus-ones the bridal party may have; however, the plus-one can be optional. The flower girl or ring bearer can also be invited, but it often depends on the age and relationship.  

Who’s Who at the Rehearsal Dinner and Who You Should Add to the Attendance List

Out-of-Town Guests

It would be a nice gesture to invite guests attending your wedding from out of town since they are taking time and money to get to you and celebrate. However, each situation is unique. If you have a destination wedding, their travel is no different from that of anyone else. You can opt for a welcome party for everyone, instead of inviting them to the rehearsal dinner.


Often, couples choose officiants that they have close relationships with, and if that’s the case with your wedding, you may want to invite them.

Now, this is truly the last supper – at least, before your two lives are forever one – so enjoy it!