What to Do if Rain Is in the Forecast on Wedding Day

A rainy wedding day, whether it’s a downpour or a drizzle, shouldn’t ruin your nuptials. Stormy weather and a bit of rain are out of your control. While it may seem like a downer, it’s a sign of good luck. There’s also plenty that you can do to prepare for a potential rain shower on your wedding day. This will help you ensure that it doesn’t ruin your big day.

Outdoor Wedding During RainHandling Rain on Your Wedding Day

If you’re someone that has to have an outdoor wedding, there are a few things that you can do to handle the rain that may be present. There’s no need to panic, even if it’s last-minute preparation. You could always talk to your venue coordinator and ask if there are any other locations that you can be moved to avoid the rain. It’s also important to think of the positives despite the wet and muggy weather. The weather can be a sign of good luck and fortune in terms of your marriage, so think of the good that is to come. You can also prepare ahead of time by investing in a few supplies just in case.

Rainy Day Supplies for Your Wedding

Rainy Day Board Supplies Instead of stressing out because of the rain, you can plan for potential showers. These props can help keep your guests looking good, staying dry, warm, and joyful.

Bubble Umbrellas

Guests will appreciate you supplying the umbrellas for them and thinking of them, even on your wedding day. These transparent bubble umbrellas can keep your guests dry and still allow them to flaunt their wedding styles.

Rainy Day Signage

You can always put a creative spin on having a rainy wedding. Getting customized signage for the rainy day can be just what you need.

Rain Ponchos

While ponchos aren’t as fashionable as you might want them to be, they are a solution for rain at an outdoor wedding. It can keep the guests warm and dry during the outdoor ceremony until you bring them indoors at the reception.

Les Aimants Brings French Styles Into the American Bridal Scene

Many fashionable brides in America would surely love to infuse their bridal look with contemporary French styles. Thanks to Les Aimants, a bridal studio in Brooklin, New York, many brides can now get a custom, French-style dress without having to go overseas. Designer Manon Martin created a collection that allows brides to mix and match until they find the unique combination that’s to their liking.

A dress from the "Do you speak love?" collection by Manon MartinManon’s New Collection

The new collection by Manon Martin called Do You Speak Love? allows shoppers to match their preferred top with the skirt they like and create a unique gown just for them. The infusion of the French cool-girl style is quite refreshing and sure to suit the preferences of many fashion-forward brides. To marry the French-American style of this collection, Manon gave each top the name of a Parisian street and each skirt a New York street name. The eye-catching embellishments and modern, sexy silhouettes make every possible combination a winning one!

Les Aimants's CollectionLes Aimants Offers a Unique Shopping Experience

One of the best parts of shopping at Les Aimants is that their fully customizable line is powered by modern fashion technologies. The shop will create a personalized avatar for each online shopper according to the measurements that they input. This is done to let brides-to-be see what their chosen style would look like when worn. Gowns are made to order and delivered within 8-12 weeks. The line is completely inclusive as there’s no limited size range and the gowns are made according to the provided measurements.

The Bridal Lab in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Reasonably-priced, the gowns are made in New York, mainly from fine silk fabric brought in from France, Turkey, or Italy. Brides that want the traditional shopping experience can book an appointment to visit The Bridal Lab in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The stunning boutique carries the gowns from this stunning collection, allowing visitors to choose between hundreds of possible combinations.