Paris Hilton Sports a Minutes-Made Toilet Paper Wedding Dress at Her Bridal Brunch

Paris Hilton is one of those fashion icons, who can rock literally anything, even when getting ready for walking down the aisle. In a fun bridal bash in her house backyard, the fashionista has set a modern bridal goal by donning a quirky bridal outfit made out of, well, toilet papers!

The Dress Race

At the recent intimate bridal brunch, Paris rocked bridal couture, made with toilet paper, in just 5 minutes! Yes, you heard it right! Paris along with her sister-in-law Tessa Hilton became models for their brainstorming friends, who divided into two groups to hold a competition of constructing two wedding dresses out of toilet papers within 5 minutes. Before setting the timer, Paris just forbid them to add any “brutal veil” to hers.

The Final Looks

Paris ended up donning an ‘80s style chic wedding gown with padded shoulders and completed with a braided headband. Tessa got a floor-grazing number with a veil and fingerless gloves. Paris’s little dogs played their part too! He didn’t waste any time and quickly started chewing and tearing away the trains, finally destroying the looks! Mission accomplished there!

The Actual Look

It’s not all about the toilet paper! Paris wore a fun bridal-inspired outfit underneath, which was comprised of a stylish white mini-dress completed with a peekaboo cutout in front and long billowy sheer sleeves. Quirky white-rimmed, heart-shaped sunglasses and matching white pumps complemented her look. To top it all off, her hair was neatly tied into a mod high ponytail.

The Celebration

The backyard of Paris’s Los Angeles Home was decorated for the celebration with lush greenery and pink decors, completed with white floral arrangements. Like her bridal shower, the touch of her favorite Alice in Wonderland theme was also here with hanging black teacups. The cookies and cans of sparkling water also came decorated with the portraits of Paris and her fiancé Carter Reum. The delicious brunch menu consisted of harvest salad, smoked salmon frittata, and mini chocolate croissant cinnamon buns.

Everything To Consider When Sending Electronic Save The Dates

You could be looking for a way to save some money, a chance to help preserve the planet, or something a little different for your wedding. Whatever the case, here’s everything to consider when sending electronic save the dates for your big day.

Cut Your Costs

One of the best reasons to opt for electronic save the dates is they can save a considerable amount of money, even if you buy a template, they are usually a lot cheaper than traditional options.

Make It Stand Out

People tend to get hundreds of emails each day. It’s essential to make your electronic save the dates stand out, so they don’t get lost in the junk folder.

Give Plenty Of Notice

You don’t need to know all the final details for your save the dates. However, you do need to give your potential guests plenty of notice to prepare.

Set The Tone

Double and triple check any spelling mistakes, and ensure you use the right tone as your electronic save the dates will be the first thing your guests receive about your wedding.

Address Them Properly

Just because you are sending out electronic save the dates doesn’t mean you can cut all corners. Most people appreciate an individual email that’s addressed to them rather than a copy and paste invite.

Include Any Important Information

Electronic save the dates is a great chance to send your guests all the information you know at the time. This includes the name of the bride and groom, the location, the date, and a link to our wedding website. Be sure the site is up and running before you send your emails.

Learning everything to consider when sending electronic save the dates can make everything run a lot smoother. There are plenty of benefits to electronic versions rather than paper alternatives. Could it be time to rethink your save the date plans?