What To Say If People Ask Why They Were Not Invited To Your Wedding

It happens at many weddings when either you don’t have the right budget for more guests, there is not enough room for more, or, plain and simple,  you do not want specific people you know there. With your wedding being one of the biggest days of your life, you shouldn’t feel like you have to invite someone you don’t want there. However, if anyone asks a reason, here is what you can say…


1. Blame It On Size

You’ve found your dream venue, but the only pitfall is that it holds fewer people than you wished to have invited. Either way, venue wins and some people get the dump. Use this as a reasoning for why those certain people didn’t make the cut, and that you had to keep your wedding small. While telling them you would “have loved if they could have come and celebrated” with you, once they know it was a small affair, they may feel less offended.


2. Handle It Post-Wedding

Planning a wedding can cause enough stress as it is, let alone people adding to it by asking why they were not invited. If you are feeling overwhelmed during all the planning and preparations, then do not feel the need to answer them then and there. Prioritize the people you actually wanted there but unfortunately cannot have, and deal with the rest after. Keeping your wedding as drama-free as possible is high on the to-do list!


3. Tell Them The Truth

There is always keeping with the truth when someone asks why they weren’t invited and it has nothing to do with size or distance. While it may feel awkward or uncomfortable, sometimes telling the truth prevents any further problems. Feel free to speak to them about why you did not want them at your wedding and, hopefully, they will understand.