5 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Your Wedding Bouquet

The tradition of holding a wedding bouquet down the aisle is one of the more fun parts of a wedding. It’s so much fun to walk down with everyone cheering for your future love story! However, there is a lot that goes behind finding that one perfect bouquet. This is why it is important for you to know some very basic wedding flower mistakes that you would not want to make on your big day.

The Inspiration Photo

No matter how elaborate and breathtaking a bouquet is, it’s important to understand its concept. You can’t force a bouquet to look like the inspiration photo if you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. It is necessary to have an inspirational photo to get a vision, but remember, there is no way you can achieve the exact same result. Even if you hire the same designer who created your inspiration, there is no way he can replicate each and every detail again.

Looking for a Specific Variety of Flowers

You need to get into the process of getting your wedding bouquet designed with an open mind. For instance, you might only want love peonies, but it can be really difficult to get a hold of them if it’s not spring season. Make sure you communicate with your florist. Tell him what kind of flowers you are expecting and who knows, he might be able to get you those. But if not, he being an expert, will be able to suggest you better ideas.

A Bouquet With No Movement

When you and your florist sit down to discuss the details, make sure it has movement to it. This can be achieved by letting the flowers blossom and putting them together in a way that they doesn’t look forced or unnecessarily structured. Let the flowers and their branches do the talking for you. The results will blow your mind!

Forgetting About Your Wedding Dress

It can look really odd if your bouquet and your wedding attire don’t complement each other. When you are standing in front of your family and friends with your spouse, holding that beautiful bunch of flowers, make sure it is pleasing to the eyes. Share your dress pictures with your flower designer. Let them know if you want something in similar tones or something in contrasting colors. It is your big day, so you should have the final say, but at the same time, consider the expert’s ideas too.