5 Great Ideas For Throwing A Memorable Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming to the point that adding in a rehearsal dinner on top of it can feel like it might put you over the edge. There are a number of ways can make it easier on yourself, but still have a memorable and fun rehearsal dinner.

Make It Distinct


When planning your wedding, try to make the rehearsal dinner an event in and of itself. While you can keep the meal on brand with your wedding, trying changing up the venue. If you’re having an indoor wedding, consider doing the rehearsal dinner al fresco, or take advantage of local hotspots in order to set the night apart.

Wear White For Fun


No one says that white can only be worn to the wedding itself. Stand out from the crowd in a cute, but casual white outfit. You don’t even have to wear a dress if you don’t want to. Try on a white romper or go with something more on trend to contrast with the big day.

Take Advantage Of The Season


The rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to showcase the best of the season. If you’re celebrating a summer wedding, try a lobster bake for the night before.

For a fall or winter wedding, go heavy on the gourds, serving a menu full of hearty soups and stews. Rebecca Gigandet of Imagine…Weddings and Special Events says, “This is also a great opportunity to get creative with food stations or tapas.”

Try Out A Firepit


Another fun option for outdoor parties is to get cozy as night falls with the warmth of a fire pit. Towards the end of the summer, nights tend to get cool and breezy, making a fire pit an exceptionally fun option to keep guests comfortable, which also being the centerpiece of a memorable event.

Add A Personal Touch


Given that rehearsal dinners tend to be smaller affairs than the wedding themselves, it’s easier to provide personal touches to welcome your guests. Think handmade place cards or menus, which will make your table feel more intimate, no matter how many people are attending.