How Much a Honeymoon Cost, on an Average

Honeymoons are not your average vacation. They’re the celebration of the start of a new life that the couple will start together. It’s also a chance to de-stress after the hectic wedding planning that can take up weeks, sometimes even months. However, this dream vacation can sometimes end up being a little more expensive than you had anticipated. Here is a breakdown of what an average honeymoon actually costs.

Average Honeymoon Cost

Laura Frazier, a destination wedding and honeymoon expert at Bliss Honeymoons of Ohio, says that couples are often ready to splurge a little as they frequently end up choosing places for their honeymoon where they’ve never gone before, even something right off the travel bucket list. The average statistics dictate that US couples spend around $4,800 on an average on their honeymoon. If the couples opt for a destination wedding, the cost can skyrocket considerably. According to Frazier, the Caribbean and Mexico can cost somewhere between $5,000 to $7,000 while those heading farther out to Europe, the South Pacific, etc, spend anywhere from $6,000 to $25,000. There are also couples who spend a whopping $35,000 on luxury trips.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The cost of a honeymoon is affected by many factors like seasonality, amenities, and location. Almost every destination has an on and off season, so a trip to Fiji will cost you more in August than in March. The location will also greatly affect your rates, as Americans who will travel abroad to say Europe will end up paying significantly more than those honeymooning stateside. Along with this, if you vacation stateside and in a place that you can just road trip to, you’ll also save the jet-fuel money. Lastly, your amenities can affect your budget tremendously. If you’re choosing a high-end luxury resort, you’ll end up paying much more. However, since it’s your honeymoon, there are no right or wrong decisions!

The Latest TikTok Trends Include Future Wedding Must-Haves

TikTok is one of the top social media platforms for the past year, especially during the lockdowns that occurred all over the world. Now, one of the latest trends on the platform includes some wedding talk. If you’re someone that has ever wanted a dream wedding, you might want to get your list out to see if you need to make adjustments or even add to it.

a bride and a groom on the beach

Wedding Must-Haves According to TikTok

Having a special wedding day is important for most people, but having all the extras can make it a little extra special. Maybe you’ve been thinking about having standard food options served, but then you saw how someone wants to have a fancy snack bar for their big day. Now, you might be thinking about having one at your wedding.

Whatever the ideas are, TikTok is flooding with them. From formal wedding attire to more casual dress codes, there’s a bit of everything for everyone. Users on the platform are bringing their dream weddings to life and giving people a bit of insight into what they’d want to have during their future wedding celebrations.

Users are sticking to using the hashtag #WeddingRules and warning people to take some notes. Some must-haves are more hilarious, while others are brilliant. It quickly became a popular trend, despite it not being clear who exactly started the trend.

Ideas for Future Weddings

a wedding venue

TikTok users have added more of a lighthearted twist to the trend and shared some funny rules and even a few strong opinions. One user on TikTok (@flossybaby) stated that they wanted everyone to recite a Nicki Minaj verse to enter the venue.

A TikToker and popular YouTuber (@chrisklemens) stated that his wedding celebration, or party, would require people to not wear boring suits. He also added that people would have to bring two gifts if they used their plus-one.

Other users on TikTok don’t want kids at their wedding unless they were pre-approved, no randoms as plus-ones, food trucks at the reception instead of standard catering, no wedding parties, no long dresses, disposable cameras instead of cellphones, and more.