A Complete Guide to Anniversary Rings for Your Next Purchase

Buying a piece of jewelry to express your love for a loved one has been one of the most common yet successful ways to celebrate milestones. If you have an anniversary coming up and are unsure what ring to buy, here is a complete guide that will make your job easier.

Difference Between Wedding and Anniversary Rings

Wedding bands and anniversary rings are unquestionably two different sorts of rings. To begin with, each has distinct meanings and contrasting wearing styles. According to Carol Offman, the owner of Inner Expressions in New York City, wedding rings generally don’t have huge stones since they are supposed to only enhance the engagement diamond without becoming dominant. Offman also points out that it might be advantageous to pick an anniversary ring that goes well with the wedding band or any jewelry piece for that matter. Your anniversary band can have colorful stones or no diamonds at all, there are no rules or regulations here.

Options to Check Out

In today’s time, there are so many options available for the couple to choose from. A diamond anniversary ring by Kay Jewellers is a rose gold ring with sparkling round diamonds set in it and X shapes all over, which will definitely set it apart from other anniversary bands. The Perfect Pair No. 5 by Anna Sheffield is indeed perfect if one is looking for a couple’s ring. It is a Victorian snake band and has small diamond-encrusted beads featured on it. If one wants to go for something vintage yet modern, RooRingCo’s Vintage Alexandrite Ring is a great option. The distinctive color of alexandrite gemstones makes it an exceptional choice. The stone is set on a rose gold band with a lovely and delicate vine and floral design. Lastly, the T Diamond and Mother of Pearl Wire Ring by Tiffany is a combination of two timeless elements: pearls and diamonds, creating a one-of-a-kind design.

The 4 Suit Types Every Groom Should Know About

Choosing a suit for your wedding can seem a little daunting at first. Thankfully, things don’t have to be as hard as they seem. These are the four suit types every groom should know about when thinking about their outfit for the big day.

Lounge Suit

Many grooms find lounge suits the best way to go. This suit type is an everyday style that typically comes paired with a cravat or waistcoat. You can customize these suits with any color that you like and easily have them made to measure for your big day.


A tailcoat is one of the more formal suit types on the market. It features a double tail at the back of the jacket, which is usually paired with a waistcoat. Grooms wearing tails for their wedding typically wear a cravat, white shirt, and braces, too.

Black Tie

Black tie suits work for all kinds of weddings as they can be dressed up and accessorized for most occasions. There are several lapel types to suit your mood and shape, but that’s not all. Black tie suits typically come in white or black and look perfect with a bowtie.

Morning Suit

If you’re going full formal, then you might want to think about a morning suit. These suit types come with a single-breasted jacket that’s complete with a large tail at the back. They can be gray or black and are traditionally worn with a waistcoat, striped pants, and a top hat.

There are so many suit types that grooms can explore when planning their look for the wedding. Learning the four most popular for the big day could help to narrow your choices down. It’s all about considering the theme, your comfort, and the accessories you want for the day. From there, the world of suit types is your oyster!