Fun, Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas That Break Tradition

When people picture a bachelorette party, they imagine a night of debauchery out with the girls. Images of clubbing and ridiculous outfits often times inspire others to do the same, even if the girls, and more importantly, the bride, do not even want to have that kind of night. What can you do instead? Take a look at these out-of-the-box ideas for unique and fun bachelorette parties.

Vineyard Tour

Alcohol can be an important facet of bachelorette parties, but that doesn’t mean Jager shots at some seedy joint. You can go on a trip to a vineyard, or even a tour of multiple vineyards in style. Rent a luxury car and a driver and go from tasting to tasting, and end with a classy, wine-paired dinner at a Christmas-light-lit outdoor vineyard.



For those who are more into health, it might be best to try a fitness, mental health, and wellness retreat. Especially with all the stress of the wedding, it might be nice to take a yoga-obsessed bride to a desert retreat for re-centering before the big day.

Adrenaline Adventures

Some people are more outdoors adventure types, and an extra adrenaline boost might be exactly what they need before they tie the knot. If you have a brave-enough crew, it might be fun to go bungee jumping, skydiving, zip-lining, or parasailing.


Glamping In The Woods

For those who like the adventures of outdoors, but the comfort of indoors, it might be best to go “glamping,”¬†which combines the best of glamorous and camping. You won’t sleep on the cold, rocky ground- you can rent a chalet or a cabin where you can enjoy s’mores toasted in the fireplace.

Follow You Inner Flower Child

The hippy, flower child bride would want to be surrounded by good vibes before the big day. One of the best ways to achieve this is to go to a music festival. The chill tunes and flowery outfits are fun for everyone.