What Every Bride Wants To Hear On Their Wedding Day

It is a day she has been waiting for her whole life, and when it comes to the bride’s wedding day, she deserves nothing more than to be showered with compliments throughout the event. From the reception to the music to the dancing, and to the dress, compliments can be given in all aspects on the big day and, as a guest, you may struggle to come out with the right words to say. Therefore, here is a list of compliments to remember next time you attend a wedding and want to give the bride everything she wants to hear and more.

1. “Your Dress Is Perfect!”

While marrying the love of her life is the most important part of the day, one of the hardest but best decisions a bride makes is what dress she is going to wear. Of course, after searching, trying it on, and choosing “the one,” she wants nothing more than to be told she made the perfect decision. Compliment her on how she could not have found a more perfect gown, tell her the beading is truly remarkable, or the train is something you’ve never seen before. Overall, stick to how stunning the dress is.


2. “You Are Beautiful”

Even though you may have told the bride her dress is beautiful, do not forget to mention how mesmerizingly beautiful the bride herself is. Whether you think she looks magical, radiant, glamorous, throw in every compliment you can think of and let her know. Many brides go through a grueling routine to look perfect on their wedding day, so let them know all their hard work was worth it.


3. “You Two Are Perfect Together”

It is the day they are making their commitment to each other, and plan to for the rest of their lives, so it is good to acknowledge the couple’s relationship. If you know them well enough, be sure to pick out elements that are specific to the couple, such as what one would only have done for the other.