How to Plan Your Wedding and Keep Your Cool At the Same Time

Your wedding: one of the most important, life-changing, and exciting days in your life. The day you dedicate to celebrating your love to someone with all your friends and family members. Yes, it’s a big day indeed! It’s hard to even approach planning something so monumental. Rule number one? Try not to stress about it. While that’s certainly easier said than done, check out the wedding planning tips and tools below for a stress-free experience.

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Create a Vision Board

That’s if you haven’t already, of course. You can use Pinterest or a similar app that allows you to save decoration ideas and anything else that you find inspirational. Browse different wedding websites, check out online vloggers, and keep it all saved for later when you will start narrowing down your options.

How to Plan Your Wedding and Keep Your Cool At the Same Time

Plan For Your Gift Registry

Creating your registry is not something you should put off. Get your wishlist straight and share it with your friends and family well in advance. You can proceed with making a registry as soon as you say “Yes.” Some guests like being the early birds and purchasing pre-wedding gifts.

Use Wedding Planning Tools

One of the most time-consuming and demanding parts of your wedding will be booking the vendors. Florists, entertainment, hair & makeup, photographer & videographer, the venue – the list is long. The most basic approach is to use a pre-wedding checklist and create deadlines for everything on it.

How to Plan Your Wedding and Keep Your Cool At the Same Time

However, there are many online tools you can trust. You can use the functionalities of Google Drive to keep track of everything and have it all at your fingertips. With apps like All Seated, you can create a venue layout or a seating chart that spares you a lot of hassle, especially if you are planning a large wedding. For your playlist set as well as for finding the right first dance song, you can use Spotify or another music streaming app.