Tips to Make DIY Envelope Liners for Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are more than just an invitation to a wedding, they’re also a way of branding, marketing, and sharing your personal story with your family and friends. You want everything from the invite to the envelope liners to be just right and not only look great but feel great too. So, if you’re planning to use DIY envelope liners for wedding invitations, here are the steps on how to do it.

A Vision Board

According to creative designer Rebecca Green, start your DIY journey by creating a vision board. Explore all the social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr and pick out your favorite ideas from there, then arrange them on a board. Go through those pictures and see what connects with you the most.

Choose Your Background

Once you have an idea of the style, it is time to work on the design. Pick a color for the background; it could be white, a pastel color, or any other color that will blend well with the design. Green advises you to decide if you want to go for a pattern or a portrait; you can easily access thousands of designs and artwork for a minimal cost online. Make use of the free resources as much as you can, but do not copy anyone’s hard work.

Print Your Pattern

It’s printing time! Once you’ve decided on the pattern or portrait you want to use, make as many copies as you need. Even though they can be easily printed at home, Green suggests going to a professional printer with text-weight paper instead of that card stock.

Collect Your Materials

It is time to do some crafting. For cutting your envelope liners, you can either go for paper cutters, which you can easily find at a local store or online, or you can use sharp scissors. Apart from that, you will need some adhesive, either glue or paper tape, a pencil for tracing lines, and envelopes.

Pick the Right Template

While making the envelope liners, you can always use the basic trace-and-cut method, or you can look for other template ideas online. To ensure you do not mess up the cuts, refer to the free envelope liner templates.

Insert the Liners

It is time to put those liners into the envelopes. And to make sure everything is in place and stays intact, use a little adhesive. You can go for any nice tape liner of your choice. And that’s it; your personalized wedding liners are all ready to be shipped!

Kate Middleton’s Brother, James Middleton, Surprises His Fiancée After Wedding Heartbreak

Kate Middleton is arguably one of the most famous women in the world, thanks to her marriage to Prince William and her all-around awesomeness. Of course, since making her own way into the limelight, the world has also wanted to know more about her family. It turns out that the Duchess actually has a pretty handsome brother, and all eyes have been on James Middleton since he announced his engagement to Alizee Thevnet. However, not everyone knows how much of a romantic he really is!

Kate Middleton’s Brother, James Middleton, Surprises His Fiancée After Wedding Heartbreak

Putting Plans On Hold

Like many other couples across the globe, James Middleton and Alizee Thevnet have suffered heartache at the hands of the ongoing pandemic. Although they were due to get married in May 2020, they have had to cancel their nuptials and postpone to a later date — something that has torn apart his fiancée and his parents, who have been in lockdown with him at his English country estate in West Berkshire. However, instead of wallowing in what could have been, James has decided to use his free time to surprise his wife-to-be.

Kate Middleton’s Brother, James Middleton, Surprises His Fiancée After Wedding Heartbreak

The Man With the Beard

For much of his life in the limelight, James Middleton has been known as the man with the perfect beard. His facial hair has attracted a lot of attention in the past, and he confessed in an Instagram video that his wife-to-be hadn’t even seen him without one. Because of this, he decided to shave the whole thing off and show Alizee what he really looked like underneath all of that hair. Alizee was obviously shocked by her husband-to-be’s new look, but it seems as though she doesn’t mind what was hiding underneath — and thankfully, it seems as though she still wants to get married!

Although lockdown haircuts are rarely a good idea, we have to say that James Middleton looks just as handsome as ever without his beard.