Couple Reunited With Stolen Wedding Photos After 3 Decades

In 1985, Mick and Tracey Hepworth were a young couple celebrating their wedding with friends and family. But during the celebration, thieves stole a handbag that contained the roll of film from the wedding ceremony. It was at that time that the newlyweds realized they wouldn’t have a single photo to remember their big day.

One of Mick and Tracey Hepworth's Stolen Wedding Photos
Couple Reunited With Stolen Wedding Photo After 3 Decades

Not a Single Photo Left

The handbag belonged to Tracey’s cousin, Karen Williams. It was thrown on the ground as the family members chased the thieves until they got away. The couple ended up giving up hope and eventually moved on.

Later that night, a woman by the name of Angie McHale found the empty handbag, along with the roll of film, and had each photo developed. She decided to store the photos since there was no way of ever tracking down the people in the photos.

Using the Internet as a Resource

Last month, Angie was preparing to move for the 4th time since developing the film, and she came across the photos once again. She posted them to Facebook and asked her friends if anyone knew who the photos might belong to. Within a few single hours, she was able to get in touch with the rightful owners.

Karen Williams recalled that her handbag went missing as she was dancing at her cousin’s wedding reception on July 6th, 1985. According to her and everyone at the reception, the pictures were long gone and wouldn’t be seen again.

A photo of Mick and Tracey Hepworth as they are now.
Couple Reunited With Stolen Wedding Photo After 3 Decades

Angie mentioned that she was walking down the street when she spotted the bag and noticed there was only a single roll of film inside. There was no Internet back then, so she couldn’t try to find the owner. She ended up delivering the photos to Mike and Tracey’s house.

Tracey was in awe of the thoughtful gesture a complete stranger did for a photo. She also stated that the timing couldn’t have been any better since she and Mike will soon celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary in July.