Couple That Got Into A Car Crash On Their Wedding Day Is Saved By Police “Best Man”

Wedding days are stressful as it is, but nothing beats this one! A Long Island couple, Joseph DeMichele and Feliece Terwilliger were one their way to tie the knot in the village of Lake Grove in their SUV when they crashed into a car U-turning in front of them.

Luckily no one was hurt, including their two kids who were also in the car. However, the accident happened at 1:15 pm, 15 minutes before the wedding was expected to take place. “It really was one of those things that you were anticipating for so long that you were just wanting so badly for the chance to get married,” says DeMichele. “All I wanted to do was marry my best friend.”

Couple That Got Into A Car Crash On Their Wedding DayIs Saved By Police “Best Man”

Set the scene – cops, firefighters, and two hysterical children – the wedding was looking less and less likely to go ahead. They were starting to give up hope. They told police where they were going, and a sergeant didn’t hesitate, “Suddenly, he turns around and he’s like, ‘You know what we’re going to do?'” says Terwilliger, “‘We’re going to get you to your wedding.'”

Officer Cody Matthews who responded to the minor crash was soon going to become the almost-newlyweds’ “Best Man,” as he offered to drive the family to their wedding. Sirens blaring, he whizzed them right up to the town hall where the mayor was awaiting them.

However, the couple then encountered one other bump in the road. One of their witnesses was absent. DeMichele and Terwilliger did not even hesitate and “showed their appreciation by inviting Officer Matthews to be an official witness to their marriage and to sign their marriage certificate.”

Couple That Got Into A Car Crash On Their Wedding DayIs Saved By Police “Best Man”

There was an even more crazy part to this whole day. The wedding was meant to be a surprise to the couple’s family in Brooklyn, but they ended up seeing the whole story on the news! We wonder whether Mathews will be joining them on their honeymoon too!