Choosing the Perfect Flower Bouquet for Your Wedding

Discovering the Most Captivating Blooms for Your Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet is more than just a beautiful accessory – it’s a reflection of your personal style and a key element that ties your entire look together. Among the plethora of colors to consider, purple stands out as a versatile and enchanting choice. Whether you desire a soft, romantic vibe or a bold and moody ambiance, purple flowers offer a captivating allure. In this guide, we explore the most popular and stunning purple blooms that will elevate your bouquet to new heights of beauty, leaving a lasting impression on your special day.


Fragrant and fluffy, purple lilacs are a delightful addition to any bridal bouquet. Typically available in spring and early summer, these blooms strike a perfect balance between timeless and modern, making them suitable for various wedding themes. With their long stems contributing to a wild, botanical composition, lilacs can add both texture and dimension to your arrangement. To help them stay fresh until you walk down the aisle, be sure to keep them hydrated.

Garden Roses

Garden Roses

Sumptuous and voluminous, garden roses are a popular choice for many brides. Available year-round in different shades of purple, these roses exude romance with their floral scent. Pair them with orchids and anthurium for a tropical look or combine them with zinnias and dahlias for a garden-fresh feel. When handling these delicate flowers, exercise caution to prevent bruising their petals.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

Versatile and available in various shades of purple, sweet peas are excellent for adding texture and movement to your bouquet. With their stems curving gracefully, they bring an organic garden quality to the arrangement. Ideal for fall or winter weddings since they thrive in cooler temperatures, sweet peas can create a soft, airy, and romantic atmosphere. Remember to keep them in water to maximize their potential.


With their lush texture and round shape, purple hydrangeas have the ability to transform your bouquet. Versatile enough for coastal, traditional, whimsical, or garden-themed weddings, these blooms are especially stunning when paired with roses, orchids, or peonies. However, they require cool conditions and lots of water to maintain their appearance, making Dutch hydrangeas with large, hardy stems a suitable choice for prolonged bouquets.


Exuding natural elegance and whimsy, purple tulips with their graceful stems and billowing petals can add movement and a dramatic flair to your bouquet. Available year-round and relatively low-maintenance, tulips suit various wedding styles. Combine them with roses and orchids for an ethereal edge, making them a great choice for modern art museum weddings. They’re perfect for brides who want to make a statement, but with the utmost subtlety.

A Flower Story

A Flower Story

As you plan your dream wedding, let your bouquet speak volumes about your style and personality. The beauty and versatility of purple flowers offer a plethora of options to achieve your desired ambiance. From lilacs to anemones, each bloom brings its unique charm to create a magical and unforgettable wedding day. Choose the best purple flowers that resonate with you, and let your bouquet become a symbol of love and elegance on this special occasion.

Grooms Also Change Outfits at Their Wedding

A wedding ceremony is the ultimate ‘go big’ day for both brides and grooms. From full-length bridal gowns in the ceremony to party-ready dresses in the evening, changing outfits in weddings has been a standard practice for the brides. But, why should girls have all the fun? Outfit changes for grooms are becoming more popular by days. Like the brides, modern grooms today are all in to rock a second epic look on their wedding day.

Why Change Outfits?

The biggest reason for brides opting for an outfit change is to wear an elaborate wedding gown for the ceremony, but swap it later for a more comfortable and practical number after the formalities are over. The same reason can be played for grooms also. Context or coherent theme can also bear a major role here. After adorning a traditional attire for the formal ceremony, the newlyweds can change into bespoke reception outfits reflecting their couple styles, tastes, or family traditions.

When to Change Outfits?

Between the ceremony and the reception, there is a definite change of tone in every wedding. So, changing the suit is most suited here. Another prime time to change the outfit is before heading to the cocktail hour. During this time, the guests tend to enjoy themselves more, than to worry about the bride and groom all the time. This gives a perfect opportunity for the groom to swap a shirt, shed some layers, or change few accessories and make a surprise reappearance with another jaw-dropping killer look.

How to Change Outfits?

Style experts suggest the grooms to go for a timeless look in their wedding ceremony by sticking with classic and elegant attire. They can freely opt for bolder choices during the reception and cocktail party. A three-piece tuxedo with a perfectly tied bowtie is the ultimate classic look for any groom. Trading the black tuxedo jacket for a white dinner coat, and swapping the bowtie with a slim tie, will deliver a different fresh vibe in the reception, just as easily and affordably.