Here’s How You Can Create a Charity Wedding Registry

We have all heard about wedding registries and honeymoon registries, but there is another concept that has been in the picture for a while now: charity wedding registries. Here, couples ask their guests to not get tangible gifts but instead make donations to an organization. According to Beth Helmstetter, founder of the charity registry platform The Good Beginning, the idea behind this concept is to encourage couples to start their beginnings by doing a good thing.

How to Pick a Charity

The best way to decide which charity you should be a part of is to pick something you can relate to. The registries that try to connect themselves with most couples are the ones that turn out to be fruitful and successful, says Beth. For most couples, who have either had parents who suffered some kind of disease or are into volunteer work, organizations with similar goals become an obvious choice. When you try to work for something that is your passion or that you connect with, it becomes more than an obligation for you, which is very important when it comes to charity work.

Perks of Charity Registries

It does not have to be either this or that for the couple. You don’t have to pick only one type of registry. You can always go for the traditional as well as the charity registry. It gives your guests a choice in deciding what kind of gift they want to give. This will just open up an option for the guests to not go for the typical gifts and instead make an impact on society. Beth shares that over time, the charity registry has seen enormous popularity among couples

How and Where to Register

There are a couple of ways you can go about registering. You can either directly connect with a non-profit organization in order to set up a fund, or you can go online and visit websites that would simplify the process for you. In case you want to go with a dual registry, you can visit websites like Zola and Joy that will help you in setting up the fund. If you are looking for a charity registry only, you can visit a website like The Good Beginning, which has all kinds of options, like national and international, for a variety of causes. And if you don’t want to choose a digital path, you can always set up a donation box at the wedding venue and request checks to be addressed to the concerned charity.

Seersucker Suits That You Can Rock All Year Long

Seersucker is the classic summer fabric that’s popular for its ability to keep cool. This lightweight cotton is woven in a specific way, which produces a unique crinkle texture. It allows more airflow into the fabric by preventing it from sticking to the skin. But if you think seersucker suits are only seasonal for warm weather, well, think again! Seersucker can be blended with wool to give your suits additional weather-proof support for fall. Also, there’s a lot more to the seersucker genre than the typical blue-n-white striped version. From a hardworking structure to a relaxed fit, the options are getting bigger and more interesting. So, let’s dive into the diverse and versatile world of seersucker suits!

Suits like Textbook Example

Whatever the trend, quintessential seersucker suits can never go out of fashion! There are designer pieces that are made with lightweight cotton, come with soft structures, and feature classic light blue and white stripes. You can also pick a double-breasted suit jacket to add a slight swerve.

Suits to Wear Straight Into Fall

You’ve probably donned a seersucker suit in summer weddings already. But it’s time to go beyond the circuit and try something new in the cooler months. Pick check-patterned suits made of wool-blended seersucker that’ll remind you of a checkered tweed and will also provide you some amount of warmth during the fall.

Suits for the Finer Things in Life

Trimmed and tailored seersucker suits are best as office attires. The relaxed quality, fabulously refined texture, and super-fitted silhouette of these suits are quite reminiscent of suited Italians, who boast a high-class super-sophisticated aesthetic taste. Thankfully, one piece of this suit will cost you far less than a one-way plane trip to Rome!

Suits for Pajama Parties

Okay, that sounds paradoxical! But if you can find a few pairs of suits that are comfy and easy-going, then why not? Pick suits in stretch seersucker that are refreshingly roomy. Generally, suits have a reputation for being uncomfortable. Fortunately, the unstructured active silhouette of these suits debunks that myth with style and grace!

Suits for Getting the Best of Both Worlds

You can have your business lunch with burgers! For such not-so-serious days, pick semi-formal seersucker suits with double-breasted blazers and straight-leg pinstripe trousers. While the pinstriped pleats and slim-fit double-breast collars give a ‘let’s get to business’ vibe, the crinkly fabric and relaxed silhouette say that it’s not all that serious!