You Can Now Capture The Exact Moment Of Your Proposal With An iPhone Case

We’ve seen it all – a proposal at the Eiffel Tower, a ring found in a cake, and “Will you marry me?” written out in rose petals. So, how would you feel if your significant other got down on one knee to propose with… his iPhone cover?

That’s right, a new, engagement-friendly iPhone case has been created to hold the ring in perfect distance from the camera and captures every moment.


In an Instagram-obsessed world, newly engaged couples are quick to capture the selfies of their ear-to-ear smiles and their sparkly new diamond engagement ring for all their followers to see their news.

While this picture comes almost immediately after a “YES” is screamed for all those in a close distance to hear, it is hard to capture the exact moment and get that perfect photo. For that reason, RokShok’s new creation was an iPhone case that hides the ring until you are ready to hit record and pop the question.


The case allows you to keep the surprise of the proposal but also preserve the surprise face forever on your phone – a win-win situation. So, would you want this kind of proposal? A video of the iPhone case in action has been posted on YouTube and has had some varying responses.

However, one wrote: “This takes all the romance out of proposals. If you really want to capture your partner’s reaction. Just hire a professional photographer to do it for you and remember to be romantic and focus on your partner and the love that you two share and not on your phone.”


While they have a good point, it is completely dependent on the couple and whether it fits them. Perhaps the couple wants to capture the exact moment, whereas others may want their phones away during their special time. Each to their own at the end of the day.