Bridal Shower Gifts Versus Wedding Gifts: Do We Have to Give Both?

Which Gift to Give

It always makes you feel welcomed and loved when your family or friends want your presence on their big day. However, as a guest, if you are invited to multiple events like bachelorette, engagement, or wedding day, it could get confusing to understand the gifting etiquette. And one such common question that arises in mind is whether you need to find gifts for both bridal showers and weddings. Or just one will suffice? Let’s find out!

Bridal Shower Vs Wedding Gifts

The answer is: Yes! As both events are different, you need to bring two separate gifts. Traditionally, you should get a gift for the bridal shower and wedding. However, it is also your choice whether you’d prefer one or two gifts. There’s often a wedding registry to count for all these gifts, whether received on the bridal shower or wedding day. So, decide before listing your name. Moreover, they are both just gifts. So, don’t worry about determining their differences. Simply ask the couple what they want or start searching on your own what to give to the lovely pair.

How Much You Should Spend

How Much You Should Spend

Purchasing wedding gifts could surely be costly. But you don’t need to spend much money to showcase your love for the couple. It all comes down to how close you are to them and how well you know them. So, it’s best to buy some thoughtful gifts that they can actually use. If you can’t afford two gifts, purchase one and talk to the couple. It’s likely that they would like to have your presence at the wedding more than the gift. Regardless, if you still want to gift them on both occasions, split your budget and go for smaller presents. Here are a few wedding gifts ideas that you can choose from.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an amazing option to explore. Going for an Airbnb card and planning a romantic getaway for the couple would show a lot of thoughtfulness from your side.

Home Décor Items

If you don’t know what gifts to look for, go for the classic home décor items, as you can never go wrong with wall clocks, dining sets, or showpieces.

Personalized Passport Covers or Luggage Tags

Personalized Passport Covers or Luggage Tags

Let the happy couple travel in style by gifting them customized passport covers and unique luggage tags for their suitcases.

Candle Set

Gifting a set of scented candles will give a notion of a refreshing start to the couple. To make it more memorable, have the jar inscribed with their names or hide a congratulatory message inside the box.

Here Is Why You Should Think Twice Before You Commit to a Big Bridal Party

Yes, it’s important that you do not miss out on any of your girlfriends at your bridal party. After all, it’s your big day and you want them all there with you to bask in your happiness. But, before you go ahead and send out the invitations to all 20 of your friends to be your bridesmaids, here are a few things that experts suggest you consider.

The Huge Bills

Wedding planner at Martel Event, Marilisa Schachinger highly suggests all brides-to-be consider all the add-on expenses for a big bridal party. She added that these costs can have a great impact on your overall budget for the wedding. The more the bridesmaids, the greater the bill! According to Schachinger, everything from the bridal luncheon to thank-you gifts to the rehearsal-dinner guest count, as well as providing hair and makeup services and meals the day of, every little detail costs more with a big bridal party.

The Conflicts

It’s not uncommon for people to have different opinions from each other. Especially when it’s a beloved’s wedding, everyone thinks that their idea is the best and should be considered. From clothing to fit, everybody has something to say and this can become a real headache. In case you do have many dear ladies that you simply must have in your bridal party, ensure that you order their dresses months in advance to avoid last-minute chaos.

The Scheduling Issue

Co-founder of Tinsel & Twine, an NYC-based event design and planning company, Erica Taylor defines a lavish bridesmaids’ party as one akin to the feeling of herding cats. Bridesmaid brunch, bridal shower, shopping, bachelorette party — arranging all this and more according to everybody’s schedule can be a headache. Also, somebody will always get upset over such matters, so it’s hard for you to come out winning.

Huge Bridal Suite

When the big day arrives and all the bridesmaids are dressing up together, it can be chaotic. You need to make sure that you book a room big enough for everyone to have their space and some room to walk around. In addition to that, mirrors, several restrooms, chairs, and tables, there’s just too much to fit all in a suite for so many people! No bride wants to feel cramped on her wedding day and if you have a big bridal party, you surely will.

The Obvious Drama

Too many people in the same room equal tons of drama happening all the time. As the founder of Bravo Productions, Greg Jenkins, rightly explains, there’s always somebody making things difficult. It can be that one person that you have to constantly remind to get fitted, the person who doesn’t get along with another member of the party, or the person who wants to be the boss of everybody else. Add in the aspect of feeling everything all at once, and you never who might turn out to be the wild card. This is not very uncommon and can soon turn into a greater issue.