You Can Now Hold The Ultimate Bridal Shower At Tiffany’s

It is time to live out your favorite childhood dream, and we’re not speaking about getting married. While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the time has come when having breakfast at Tiffany’s is real and happening.

Along with shopping for some of the best diamonds, you now have the chance to hold your bridal shower surrounded by the only blue that brings light to a girls eye. Tiffany’s flagship store in New York City has just opened The Blue Box Café, an exquisite restaurant in their landmark location.


After checking out some of Tiffany’s silver-goods and discovering what would make for the perfect wedding ring, sit down and unwind for breakfast, lunch, or tea with some of your favorite girl pals.

In this Instagram haven, the signature Tiffany blue shade is found on the chairs, the walls, the gorgeous tea sets and the plates. Where else sounds like a better place for your bridesmaids and friends to enjoy a lovely meal?


Not forgetting what we all know and love Tiffany’s for, the decorations on the restaurant’s wall are miniature versions of the Tiffany window display. Chrome figurines, diamonds, and houseware surround the dining tables and make customers feel as though they are in a Tiffany box.

While that sounds like the ultimate dream, we will take what we can get. What’s more? The views of Central Park add to the already stunning experience.


This beats the old times when recreating the scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s meant standing outside the store at 6 am with your own croissant and coffee. Now, however, it is open to the public, and they have croissants on the menu!

With insight into one of the newest restaurants in town, make sure to make a reservation, so you are not waiting long hours for a table. Perhaps also tell your bridal party to wear their best Givenchy dress too!