Breaking Tradition: Hot To Swap Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The beauty of 21st-century weddings is that people are becoming bolder and bolder about breaking traditions they don’t want to follow for their special day. One of those is swapping bridesmaids for groomsmen and vice versa. Who said only girls are allowed on the bride’s side and boys at the groom’s end? You can have your closest people, regardless of their gender, supporting you on this memorable event.

Deal With Your Old-School Guests

If you think there might be guests who won’t understand your decision to break tradition, don’t be quick to cancel your ideas. Instead, sit down and communicate with them. It is usually the parents who hold reservations about trying out different wedding ideas, so be patient enough to explain what you want, and adamant enough to show them it is your special day, and they have to respect that.

What to Wear?


Breaking Tradition: Hot To Swap Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Ah, the question of all questions. Leaving tradition in the past means your wedding will be original and modern. You can choose the girls to match the groom and the boys to match the bride or vice versa. There are no rules! If you’re out of ideas, just think about your wedding albums and what you want to see in it, and it might help you get the vision for their attire! Perhaps consulting with what your closest friends will be comfortable with can also help you make up your mind and feel confident about your decision.

What About the Party?

Traditionally, bachelor and bachelorette parties are boys or girls only type of events, but you can break that tradition, too! You can make a joint party with the groom’s side or several parties for different groups of people. The choice is yours!

Breaking Tradition: Hot To Swap Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Have Fun With the Titles

Last but not least, have fun with the titles of your chosen people. What if you decide to have “a man of honor” by your side, or perhaps “a bride’s best man?” Play around with the titles of their roles, and you’ll see how everyone will appreciate your creative input!