Everything You Need to Know About Booking A Wedding Caterer

Planning any wedding can be quite overwhelming. The demands never end and for every task you get out of the way, it seems ten more just pops out of nowhere! It could sometime feel like you’ve lost yourself in the process.

Everything You Need to Know About Booking A Wedding Caterer

But as complicated as it can get, you need to get some aspects right and we know that a perfect wedding would be incomplete without good food. If you want your guests to enjoy fantastic menus, finger-licking meals and top-notch services, then you might need to hire the best catering company in town. Of course, it gets super tricky when choosing a catering company especially when considering budget, menus and guest count. But there’s nothing to worry about. You can start by glancing through a couple of caterers in your vicinity. Check out their Instagram handles for food or inspiration, Ask close friends or family for suggestion from previous weddings.

In case you don’t have a budget, Start right off, set a budget. This is one crucial part of the planning you should finalise before anything else. Have those conversations with friends or family you know might be willing to chip in financially. Don’t dawdle, have these conversations early so you set your budget accurately.

Now that you have figured out a budget and a list of caterers you’re interested in, you can set up interviews. To make the interviews swift and more productive, you should have a clear idea of your vision and needs.

Everything You Need to Know About Booking A Wedding Caterer

We have compiled a list of questions to ask before you book your caterer. Though some of these questions might seem too basic, however they will help you identify the best caterer that will meet your needs and prevent last-minutes disasters!

9 Questions You NEED to Ask Before You Book Your Caterer:

  1. Can you work with our budget?
  2. What fees do you consider to be extra?
  3. Have you ever catered at a wedding venue?
  4. Where will the food be prepared? D
  5. Can we speak to previous clients?
  6. Can we attend a tasting?
  7. Can we customize our menu?
  8. Can you accommodate any special requests?
  9. Are you licensed or insured?