The Bachelorette Party: History, Origins, and More

One of the most exciting things about being a bride is celebrating your last days as an unmarried woman. These days, a bachelorette party is a must-have tradition – a night to remember for you and all your girlfriends. Yet, it wasn’t always that way. Today, we dig deep into the roots and history of this wonderful pre-wedding celebration to discover what it used to be like and how far it has come.

A Bit of Historical Context

The Bachelorette Party: History, Origins, and More

The earliest forms of a bachelorette or hen parties, as they are known in some parts of the world, were the bridal showers. Central Holland, 16th century. Penniless brides, ones without a dowry, or whose father did not approve the marriage, would receive gifts from their friends as a form of support. A lot changed before the bachelorette party got to be what it is today.

Men started to celebrate their soon to be married status much earlier, back in 5 B.C. For women, the personalization of their pre-wedding experience was shaped over the centuries, until the bachelorette parties were finally established as a practice in the 1980s. Even though it is a concept and practice still evolving, it remains to be about female friendship, letting your hair down, and tradition.

Where Bachelorette Parties Are Today

As it’s characterized by cultural norms and expectations, bachelorette parties vary in terms of essential elements throughout the world. However, in most parts of the world, they’ll include a gathering that spans over one evening or a weekend, months or weeks before the wedding. In most cases, it is organized by the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, and the close female friends of the bride.

The Bachelorette Party: History, Origins, and More

The whole idea is to create a fun or relaxing experience for the bride-to-be and to honor her single life. Usually, it is planned in a way that satisfies the bride’s preferences, so it can be adapted to literally any taste. Whether it’s a spa weekend or a one-night pub crawl, the idea of the bachelorette party is to give an opportunity for bonding and make the bride-to-be feel loved and supported.