Bachelor Party Prices Have Increased to $1,500 in 2022

A bachelor or bachelorette party is loved by everyone – the person getting hitched and their near and dear ones. These parties are fun, loud, and a perfect way to get into the wedding mode. However, these parties can also be a little too heavy on one’s pocket. As per a recent study, guests attending these parties have seen an increase in expenditure for the event. Everything from the travel to the decor costs some serious dough. surveyed more than 500 adults who attended at least one of such events and found out that guests are spending $1,500 per party in 2022!

The Survey

A study by polled recent bachelor and bachelorette party guests and found that guests are spending $1,500 per party in 2022. This amount has risen by $100 since 2021, a clear indicator of the rising costs. The survey found that bachelor party guests spend 70% more than bachelorette party guests. The researchers speculate that these costs arise from participating in more expensive activities, such as golf and sporting events. In addition, the grooms tend to invite fewer guests, so each guest is expected to shoulder a greater share of the total cost. Plus, it seems that the boys often throw their events in far-away places, which means airfare is the primary factor that affects the price tag.

A Breakdown of the Expenses

Among all the party-related expenses, travel holds the top spot for being the most expensive. As per a poll, two-thirds of participants fly to the party’s destination. Moreover, plane travel is getting increasingly expensive as airfare prices have increased 33% since 2021. Another expensive budget breaker is fashion. In addition to money spent on food and beverages, guests tend to spend about $100 on outfits, making this the second-highest wedding expense. Reasons include the pressure to dress up in the age of social media or to coordinate with other guests who are following a certain theme.

Cost-Saving Tips

Choosing a local destination can be very efficient for cutting down costs of the trip, as it will significantly decrease the travel budget. Secondly, opt for places that provide some free activities that your guests can enjoy without stretching their budget. As the host, you should clearly specify that if some activities exceed the allocated budget, there’s no compulsion for the guests to participate in them. After all, it’s a weekend of fun more than anything.