Anne Hathaway’s Wedding Planner Explains How To Throw A Surprise Wedding

Despite being an award-winning Hollywood actress, Anne Hathaway managed to escape the media circus and tied the knot in a private ceremony in Big Sur, in 2012. Considering how the media manage to get hold of even the smallest of information through sources, it was very impressive that Hathaway managed to keep the whole thing under wraps.

In fact, the ability to keep the wedding private was due to the work of Yifat Oren and her team, who are known for planning secret weddings with a clientele of A-list clients including Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, and Adam Levine. As for how she does it, Oren just revealed the secrets to her secrets.


Oren explained how when a client comes to her an tells of their desire to keep their wedding a secret, they are not just hiding it from the public, they also want to hide any information from their family and friends, so they turn up to be shocked on the big day. The whole concept can be exciting and romantic for the couple, but there are a few key ingredients to make it an overriding success.

Oren says that choosing a date near to a holiday makes is easier to pull off. For example, she explains that if you were to invite everyone over for Halloween “Dress up in an amazing white gown. When it’s time, go upstairs, throw on a veil, and grab your bouquet. Cue the music. Super fun. Nobody would ever guess this is how a Halloween party would turn out.”


If you were wondering about another time of the year, Oren suggests a “Christmas party invitation, which we have done. About an hour or two into the evening, you walk upstairs, change your dress, come down, and just like that, with about 150 candles and in front of the fireplace, you have yourself a little ceremony.”

In addition, it’s important to keep the secret from the wedding vendors in the accident that they reveal the big secret slightly too early, Oren said “The last thing you want to happen is a server passing drinks spilling the beans by accident.”


As for ensuring that all family and friends are there, Oren added that you must explain that you are going all out and this event is NOT to be missed, she finished by saying, “They would hate missing it if they knew what the surprise was.”