The Top 5 Wedding Trends Everyone Should Follow In 2020

Anyone on their way to the altar is likely to want their wedding to be magical and stylish. And that makes it important to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding trends for 2020.

The majority of brides begin planning their weddings a few hours after their engagement. This means picking color schemes, decorations, food, sorting out the guest list, and of course, spending time figuring out what style they should go with for the wedding dress. To help put you in the right direction for your upcoming wedding, here are some of the trends for 2020.

A Veil That Stands Out – Literally

Veils should be very large and in charge, or they shouldn’t be there at all. Think long, think flowy, think Kim Kardashian West, Priyanka Chopra, or even Hailey Bieber’s veil. A bride in 2020 can also opt for a more modern look by ditching the veil and choosing pearls, rhinestones, or other colorful enamels.

The Top 5 Wedding Trends Everyone Should Follow In 2020

Sustainable Weddings

While caring for the environment should be more of a lifestyle than a trend, it’s gaining more and more attention these days. More couples are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint with their weddings and choose more sustainable options. This includes using recyclable flower arrangements or working with vendors who are eco-conscious and prioritize sustainability.

Grooming the Groomsman

A wedding is not just for the bride. In fact, many grooms are interested in having a dedicated space for them, the best man, and the ushers to get ready for the big day. Grooms will spend more time picking their tux and even choose to get it tailored.

The Top 5 Wedding Trends Everyone Should Follow In 2020

A Variety of Menu Options for All Diets

Inclusivity at weddings is crucial. Having a menu that is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those with allergies is a must. Even having mixologists who can make non-alcoholic beverages can be ideal for your guests.

Long Banquet Tables

Rather than having 20 tables spread out and taking up large venues, you can have a couple of long banquet tables. Everyone will be gathered around these tables that are perfectly decorated with stunning table runners, glasses, and tableware.

Ensure the 2020 weddings you are either planning, or planning to have yourself, include some of these trends so it stands out.