How Some of 2019’s Worst Wedding Trends Seem to Be Cynical Now

While weddings are supposed to make you feel like your heart is getting ready to explode with love, there are plenty of other less pleasant emotions that go along with it. Weddings can be, frankly, annoying. From organizing the fun at $200-some-odd per person to maintaining the strictness of the black-tie dress code trends and dealing with the never-ending speeches, a wedding may be the last place you want to spend your weekend. 

How Some of 2019’s Worst Wedding Trends Seem to Be Cynical Now

In 2019, it was reported that weddings were costing an average of $22,715 each, and they only get more elaborate – from choreographed dances to over-the-top invitations and more. Based on surveys done in the UK, people have reported how they felt about the newest wedding trends – and many are hating the most recent ones. 

The Trends That Are Not Making the Cut

3-day “epic” Vegas bachelor parties are falling out of favor. There’s a big surprise there. Many men can’t wait for this weekend with the boys. Still, many now are seeking to skip this trend as it ends up accumulating unnecessary costs. You have to think about the flights, the awful customized t-shirts, and other extravagances – some more controversial than others. 

Many newlyweds also reported that they had church weddings even though they were not the slightest bit religious – a tradition that more and more people are starting to turn away from. 

Other trends that people are disliking are complicated hashtags, confusing poems that are on the wedding invitations, and the doughnut walls.

worst wedding trends
How Some of 2019’s Worst Wedding Trends Seem to Be Cynical Now

There’s Some Good With the Bad

There are some things that people, of course, love about weddings. These include good food. Many admire the food truck trends, the fireworks, wedding favors, and even the photo booths. 

What hits hard about the wedding trends people hate most and what proves people are a bunch of cynics is that having your pet be your ring bearer is not something that should be done. People would rather skip on seeing a little pup in a tux strut down the aisle. Aside from this, the cake in the face photos aren’t so hot, either.