The Three Ways For Your Wedding Makeup To Last All Day

You’ve had enough to plan and organize in regards to planning your wedding day, that the last thing you want to worry about is your makeup lasting the whole day. On a normal day, this worry may be fixed by carrying a touch-up bag with you, and just going over your makeup.

However, wouldn’t it be ideal if you didn’t have to carry any of this on your big day? When do you even have time to run to the bathroom to get this done? Well, there are three beauty hacks you can be in the know of before your wedding day, which will save you time and hassle, as well as, the risk of missing your favorite song with a trip to the bathroom!


1. Lip Stain

The trouble with wearing red lipstick on your wedding day is the fear of staining your dress. Fear no more, since there is a solution to this. A lip stain is a perfect answer to prevent your red lipstick from going anywhere other than your lips. If you’re more into a gloss look, a clear gloss over the top will be the finishing touch.


2. Lash Extensions

While you hope there are no tears on your big day to ruin your makeup, the chances of shedding a tear or two are pretty high. Happy tears, of course, but then considering lash extensions so that you don’t have a mascara-run while saying your “I Do’s.” Since they last 3-4 weeks, they are the perfect alternative, and it also means you’re good for your honeymoon!


3. Microblading

This may be more unheard of than the others, but this new beauty trend is to tattoo your eyebrows temporarily. Microblading can last for 1-3 years, and you have the option of going anywhere from a natural look to a more heavy and dramatic fill of your eyebrows.