This Wedding Dress Has Been Passed Down in the Family for 72 Years

Every woman desires to wear a beautiful wedding dress on her big day, and the sentiment is only heightened when the dress in question is something special, for example, a family heirloom. One family in the US has been passing down the same wedding dress for 72 years, and the count today stands at eight brides who have worn this concoction! Not only has it tied the women together, every wedding this dress has been worn in has been long-lasting! Enchanting indeed.

The Dress

The dress was found by Adele Larson in Chicago in 1950, at a Marshall Field’s department store. Larson donned the beautiful satin gown for her wedding to Roy Stoneberg in September of 1950. The satin dress was adorned with a mandarin collar, small buttons, and lace panels in the front and back. The best part? Larson brought the dress only for $100.75, an almost unheard-of price in today’s wedding market. Considering that it’s been worn in seven more weddings, we can say that she’s definitely got her money’s worth and then some.

The Succession Line

After Adele’s 1950 wedding, the dress was worn by her sister Elly when she decided to tie the knot in June 1953. It was a simple decision for her to accept the dress from her sister instead of buying a new one. Another one of Adele’s sisters, Sharon, wore it in May 1969. After that, the second generation kept the tradition going when Adele’s daughter Sue Stoneberg wore it for her wedding. The next time the dress saw the inside of a chapel was in 1990 for the wedding of Elly’s daughter Carol and then later for her second daughter Jean’s wedding. When Sharon’s daughter Julie wore it for her wedding, she decided to give it a little twist by adding a ribbon hem and an open hemline. The last person to don the dress was Adele’s granddaughter in 2022, bringing the total count to three generations of women wearing the same dress.

The 4 Suit Types Every Groom Should Know About

Choosing a suit for your wedding can seem a little daunting at first. Thankfully, things don’t have to be as hard as they seem. These are the four suit types every groom should know about when thinking about their outfit for the big day.

Lounge Suit

Many grooms find lounge suits the best way to go. This suit type is an everyday style that typically comes paired with a cravat or waistcoat. You can customize these suits with any color that you like and easily have them made to measure for your big day.


A tailcoat is one of the more formal suit types on the market. It features a double tail at the back of the jacket, which is usually paired with a waistcoat. Grooms wearing tails for their wedding typically wear a cravat, white shirt, and braces, too.

Black Tie

Black tie suits work for all kinds of weddings as they can be dressed up and accessorized for most occasions. There are several lapel types to suit your mood and shape, but that’s not all. Black tie suits typically come in white or black and look perfect with a bowtie.

Morning Suit

If you’re going full formal, then you might want to think about a morning suit. These suit types come with a single-breasted jacket that’s complete with a large tail at the back. They can be gray or black and are traditionally worn with a waistcoat, striped pants, and a top hat.

There are so many suit types that grooms can explore when planning their look for the wedding. Learning the four most popular for the big day could help to narrow your choices down. It’s all about considering the theme, your comfort, and the accessories you want for the day. From there, the world of suit types is your oyster!