Wedding Beauty Regimens That You Need To Start Months In Advance

Beauty regimens are like diets and studying for exams- although some do so, you do not want to cram it all in in a short period of time. To make your wedding day as special as possible, start planning early. These beauty tips for skin, body, and hair require some pre-planning.

Get your calendar out and start making an outline!

Skincare is extremely important. One important skincare regimen that needs to be started nine months before the wedding is using a face cream with retinol in it.

This ingredient unclogs pores, increases cell turnover, and boosts collagen production. Six months before the wedding, it is recommended to go to an aesthetician.

If you cannot afford Joanna Vargas, take her advice for finding another aesthetician. “Look for someone who’s a good listener … old-school facialists would dictate your care. These days the best ones work with your budget, your goals, and your skin.”

Taking care that your body is in good shape will give you confidence on the big day, especially since there is a trend of showing a lot of skin these days.

One thing that must be started at least one year before the wedding date is dry brushing. It’s cheap to buy a brush and it has huge benefits for the skin like exfoliation and an increase in your healthy glow due to the increase in blood and lymph flow.


Since hair takes quite a while to grow for some people, planning ahead is necessary.

Six months out, it would be good to stop shampooing as frequently. Sharon Dorram, a famous hair colorist, says that “over-shampooing lifts, dulls, and fades hair color.” Shampooing should be done, “no more than three to four times a week.”


It is important not to procrastinate on these plans, as you need time to experiment with different products, aestheticians, and methods.