Using the “Soap Brows” Technique to Get a Fuller Eyebrow Look

Soap brows are a new beauty trend that’s been taking over Tik Tok in a storm. Many people who have tested this technique online are raving about it. It requires just a couple of items that most people have in their home already and the look can easily last for hours or until you wash your face. This is certainly a fun new trend to try out in 2021!

soap browsHow the Soap Brows Technique Works

The idea behind this technique is to get a bolder and fuller eyebrow look. Instead of using a brow gel that can sometimes make eyebrows overtly shiny or crunchy, this technique uses soap. The glycerin that’s present in soap bars is what keeps the brows set in place. Of course, it’s very important to make sure that you’re using a gentle and fragrance-free soap that your skin is used to and won’t cause any issues.

What’s Needed to Try It Out

eyebrow brush and a soapWhat’s so great about this technique is that it requires two simple items to do. All one needs to try this look is a clean, small eyebrow brush and a bar of soap that doesn’t cause dryness or breakouts. Once the eyebrows are lightly covered with soap and set in place, it’s still possible to fill in the extra spaces with a brow pencil or eyeshadow, if need be, so don’t worry!

eyebrow brush on eyebrow

The Application Process

To get the converted soap brows, wet the eyebrow brush lightly using water, facial mist, or any type of beauty setting spray. The brush needs to be slightly damp, not drenched. The next step is to rub the brush across the bar of soap to lightly coat it. Brush the brows in smooth, upward motions, starting at the front of the eyebrows. When you get the desired results, touch up the spots that need filling-in with a brow pencil and clean up the edges of the brows!