The Best Ways To Incorporate Pearls On Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many different styles and directions that you may choose from. Everything from decor, dresses, and locations. It almost seems overwhelming, as the endless array of options can actually be debilitating when it comes to starting to plan the grand event.

Pearlsfor-brides3 Sometimes it is simply better to stick to the tried and true classics as opposed to following the trend du jour. You will most certainly thank yourself in 30 years time, when your wedding photos remain elegant and do not seem dated. When speaking of classic wedding looks, there is one accessory that will always remain a staple. That’s right, we’re talking about pearls. Incorporating pearls into your wedding look can work across many different styles, be it boho chic, countryside, classic, or vintage.

There are a myriad of ways to add the elegant little object into your special day.

Dress and Match

While some brides may want to incorporate a family heirloom pearl necklace, it is usually best to choose a dress and then match jewelry to the gown. There are so many gorgeous shades of pearls, you may want to try out different colors in order to make sure they best match your complexion, dress, and makeup.

Pearlsfor-brides2 Pure white pearls are perfect for those with medium to dark complexions, while pink pearls flatter those with fairer hair and skin. Cream colored pearls are a beautiful option for all.

Dress Embellishments

Pearls are great for an additional little glimmer on a dress. They can be sewn in for a subtle touch of elegance, or you may choose a dress that already incorporates pearls into it. Whether understated or extravagant, it is all up to the bride.

Pearl Themed Wedding

Another elegant choice would be to dot your wedding with pearls throughout. A pure white wedding cake adorned with several demure little pearls are always an elegant and classy choice. You may also choose to incorporate pearls into the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ dresses as well.


Jewelry, Of Course

If you feel that a whole pearl wedding theme is simply too much, you can always opt for the obvious but elegant choice — pearl jewelry. The pearl necklace is the classic go-to wedding accessory, or perhaps you want to go bare-necked but with ears adorned with pearls.

Remember, no matter what, it is your day, and you may choose to celebrate with as many or few pearls as you’d like.