A Few Mistakes Makeup Artists Wish Brides Would Stop Making

Planning the perfect wedding is not only stressful but also tiring. And all brides want everything to be perfect, especially their final look for the ceremony. It takes a lot to turn all the dreams a bride-to-be may have had since she was a kid into reality. Felicia Graham, a professional makeup artist, has a few tips on the mistakes you can avoid to get the perfect look on the big day.

Not Hydrating Enough

One of the most important steps to prepare your skin before the wedding day is to keep your skin well hydrated, especially before applying makeup. With everything that goes on and the nerve-wracking feelings, a lot of brides forget to drink enough water the night before. According to Graham, the toll the rehearsal dinner takes on a bride can completely dry out her complexion, which makes the artist’s job to do makeup a lot more difficult to achieve a dewy skin-like look. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to keep yourself hydrated throughout for perfect skin.

Not Getting the Makeup Done on Time

Every bride has a dream makeup look in her head, and to achieve it, it is absolutely necessary to provide enough time for your makeup artists to carry out your ideas. One should plan the morning schedule for themselves and their wedding party. The experts suggest that brides should stop demanding to apply makeup at the end of the schedule. It often results in rushing to fulfill deadlines, which could stress the bride out.

Getting Face Waxed Too Close to the Big Day

Getting anything done on one’s face close to the wedding day is a big no-no. One is advised not to get their eyebrows or upper lips waxed right before their wedding. Sometimes getting a facial or hair removal done on or just before the wedding may leave the skin red and inflamed, which can be difficult to cover with makeup as the products might make it worse. One should be done with these chores at least three days before the event to give it time to settle.

Last-Minute Add-Ons to the Bridal Gang

It is never a good idea to make last-minute changes to the schedule as it may lead to chaos. As tempting as it may be to make spontaneous changes in the makeup schedule, it may not always be the right way to go. A lot of times, the bridesmaids decide to opt for the same makeup team as the bride, but it should always be planned ahead because the frequent changes may disturb the schedule and delay other events.