Meghan Markle’s Facialist Is Sharing Her Essential Pre-Wedding Skincare Regime

Meghan Markle will have the world watching her as she marries her Prince charming in May and, just like any bride-to-be, looking her best on her wedding day is very important. With all eyes on what she will be wearing, the way she has her hair styled and her overall appearance, we are not surprised Markle has enlisted A-list facialist Nichola Joss to get her wedding ready.


Joss is now offering a hint as to what the regime for the soon-to-be royal bride will be following in the lead up to her Big Day, giving other brides-to-be the chance to replicate it for their wedding. When speaking to Marie Claire, Nichola revealed that her regime must start five months before the wedding and involves a little more than a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

Leave Plenty Of Time

Advising brides-to-be to start their regime ‘four or five months’ before the big day, Nichola suggests this will be enough time for any corrective work should the bride have acne or scarring. This will require starting with seeing a facialist every two weeks and, as the day draws closer, it can be cut down to every three weeks.


Have constant massages

Nichola, who has worked with Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez, has not become loved amongst some of the most well-known celebrities for nothing. She is famed for her ‘inner facial’ which comes at the cost of £250, where Nichola even massages the inside of her client’s mouths. Meghan has previously raved about this technique which helped to sculpt and tone her cheekbones.

Even without the help of Joss, the facialist suggests massaging the skin with facial oil, particularly on the neck, cheek, and forehead. Joss provides a step-by-step process of this which can be done at home if you are not hiring the expert herself.


Be Gentle On The Day

For the big day, Joss advises using ‘simple, nourishing products,’ and make sure not to let dirty hands on your face, leave spots alone, and be drinking water continuously.