Lisa Rinna Teams Up With Daughters for Her Beauty Brand

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is all set to team up with her daughters for her beauty brand – and here’s what’s in store for their fans. Lisa Rinna – dropping a lipstick brand was some legendary stuff – and now teaming up with her own daughters Amelia Gray and Delilah Belle Hamlin, she is set to take the gloss industry by the storm.

Mother-Daughter Duo to Join Hands

Two daughters who share their love for lips with their mother are teaming up with their mother to create their own Lip Kits for Rinna Beauty. In an interview, the daughters mentioned how they looked up to their mother’s love for fashion and beauty as kids,, which probably spiked their interest in the industry.

Saying they have always found it a challenge to fund the perfect combination of lipstick, liner, and gloss – so when the opportunity to create their own kit showed up, they jumped at it.

Talking about the collaboration, Rinna mentioned how happy she is to have her daughters join the family business. Adding that, because their lives are really busy – it was fun to have an opportunity to do something together. Rinna was a proud mom as she saw her daughters’ imagination shine while creating their individual lines of the lip kit.

What Collection of Daughter Duo Looks Like?

Rinna talked about the collection and said she was amazed to see her daughters’ personalities and style reflected in their designs. The collection will be out around the holidays and will be available for $49.

The collection reflects the individuality of both the sisters – Delilah’s style is more glowy and sexy, and her kit reflects that. For her kit – she chose the pre-existing Notice Me lip liner and paired it with two new-to-market products, Glow Up Lipgloss and Envy Me Lipstick.

As for Amelia, she wanted her collection to reflect her chic style. She also mentioned how she wanted to have fun with the names. She paired Lil Extra, a pre-existing lip linear, with Angel’s Kiss Lipstick and Frost Bite Lipgloss.

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