5 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Your Engagement Photos

If you’re getting engaged, one of the most important things you have to do for your engagement photos is find a great hairstyle. Wedding hairstyles are an expression of your personality that can make or break your look. You can choose something ultra fancy or go for something much more relaxed. Here are five amazing ones to take your pick from.

Swept-Up Bun

You must have seen a lot of women go for high buns for their engagement pictures, but if you think it is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can try this lovely and straightforward swept-up bun. Start by pinning your hair in the shape of a bun toward the top of your crown rather than putting it in a ponytail and wrapping it around the base. To give your hairstyle a more relaxed and carefree look, you can leave out a few layers in the front from the bun framing your face.

Piecey Bun

Another bun style you can try for your engagement pictures is the piecey bun. It is perfect if you want to go for a messy look. For this look, you need to gather your hair loosely at the nape of your neck and twist it into a bun shape. After that, pin your hair and put some hair spray on to set it. The best part of the messy look is that you do not have to perfect it; even if a hair strand moves, it still looks gorgeous.

French Braid

For all those women out there who have beautiful long and thick hair, one of the best hairstyles you can try for photo day is a french braid. It not only makes you look elegant but will also keep the hair out of your face. You can go the extra mile by pulling a little bit of your hair outwards from the braid’s center. This will help you add a little more volume to your hairstyle. You can also add a few flowers or a few shiny little beads to the braid to complete the look effortlessly.

A Bedazzled Headband

If you can’t decide which hairstyle to go for, you can keep things simple and just accessorize them with something classy. One of the best ways to go about it is to pick a hair band. This multipurpose accessory will keep the hair out of your face and will also bring out your hair in the best possible way. All that needs to be done is partition your hair and simply put a hair band on. The only decision you need to make is if you want to go for a simple headband or one with huge crystals.

Textured Beachy Waves

Another simple hairstyle that you can pick for the photos is beachy waves, especially for those who naturally have wavy hair, as all you will need to do is merely curl a few hair strands. For that perfect beachy look, make sure to pull at the ends of each strand right after curling. It’s the perfect look for someone who wants to go for something relaxed yet sophisticated.