3 Eyeshadow Palettes Must Have This Spring

Spring is around the corner, and with it, just like that, we have landed ourselves once again in the wedding season. It’s time for updating your makeup collection. And when it comes to makeup, nothing makes or breaks the look as much as your eye makeup does – just changing the dramatics of your eye makeup can take you from the morning to night look in a jiffy, and given how busy the wedding season makes us – this kind of quick transformations are the need of the hour.

We have compiled a small list of 3 eye shadow palettes that can take you from night look to morning look – from complimenting your sundresses to your wedding dress and everything else.

3 Must-Have Eyeshadow Palette in Your Makeup Kit

Too Faced’s Natural Eyes Palette

This Natural Eyes Palette from Too Faced is just the perfect pick you need to have for all your nude shade vows. This neutral eyeshadow collection offers nine nude shades. The eyeshadows are infused with coconut butter and have a super creamy texture. It offers all three finishes – matte, pearl, and sparkly.

Chanel Les 9 Ombres Multi-Effects Eyeshadow Palette

This quintessential eyeshadow palette from Chanel features nine long-wearing shades. It is a perfect combination of bold colors and neutral hues. The palette offers a range of finishes like matte and satin sparkle that will allow you to create a range of custom looks. The collection includes shades like blue, gold, ivory, and fuchsia that will make your eyes pop. The long-lasting pigments of the palette ensure intense color, while the satin-soft texture makes for an effortless application.

Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadow collection will steal your heart just by the mind-blowing packaging it comes in—a perfect collection for when you want to go cray-cray with your makeup application. Encompassed in playful seashell packaging, the palette offers 14 pigmented shades for a vibrant look. The colors of the palette perfectly complement the hues of spring.

Shop this collection and add it to your vanity now!

Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Royal Wedding Photos Never Seen Before

It’s no secret that the royal wedding is a magical event. There have been many over the years, and while some of the biggest of them all were streamed on televisions across the globe, there’s nothing quite like seeing the official photos from the day. These are normally taken by some of the best photographers in the business, and they show the royals in their most perfect forms. However, these behind-the-scenes wedding photos give us a different perspective on the people we think we know so well.

Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Royal Wedding Photos Never Seen Before

Princess Diana

While we all know that their marriage didn’t quite end up the way we all hoped, there’s no doubt about the fact that Princess Diana and Prince Charle’s wedding was something special. This amazing behind-the-scenes photo shows Diana and the Queen getting ready to walk down the aisle. Although she was probably pretty jittery herself, you can see Diana bending down to reassure her bridesmaid, Clementine Hambro, not to be nervous.

Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Royal Wedding Photos Never Seen Before

Lady Gabriella Windsor

Lady Gabriella Windsor may not be the most well-known royal, but she’s still a member of the Royal Family. Due to the fact that her father is the Queen’s cousin, the Queen made an appearance at the wedding – and she even spoke directly to the bride on the big day. This photo showcases the lovely relationship between the two of them.

Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Royal Wedding Photos Never Seen Before

Kate Middleton

Most people assume that they know everything there is to know about Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William because we’ve all seen the pictures. However, this photo gives us another perspective on the bride the day before her wedding. As she made her way to her rehearsal, she stopped to have a chat with her brother-in-law. She looks pretty chilled about becoming a Duchess, but we expected nothing less from Kate.

Because a royal wedding is heavily photographed, seeing these behind-the-scenes shots offer a breath of fresh air.