5 Brides Share Why They Chose Not to Wear Foundation on Their Wedding Day

A lot of people use makeup to enhance their looks and their self-confidence, but some don’t think it’s for them. These people rather go bare-faced, even on their wedding day. It’d be because they’ve sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts or because they simply dislike the way it feels on their skin. Here are some women who went with bare-faced makeup looks on their wedding days.

Lishai B., 28

Lishai had one goal in mind: When she looks back at her wedding pictures, she shouldn’t feel like she can’t recognize the woman in them. That made her stick to her decision of no foundation, irrespective of how much her makeup artist tried to change her mind. She went with her concealer, eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. In the end, she was extremely happy with her look, and the pictures looked great too.

Jessica Moore, 35

Jessica Moore from Fort Worth, TX, avoids using foundation on a daily basis, and on her wedding day, she followed her routine. Like every other day, she embraced her dark freckles and looked effortlessly beautiful. More than makeup, Moore prefers to keep it natural and hydrated, and she advises others to do the same.

Nicole Z., 41

Nicole Z. from Jacksonville supported the no foundation look on her big day due to an incident from her high school days. A particular girl who always wore makeup didn’t one day, which made her unrecognizable to others. That incident changed Nicole’s perception of makeup and how she would want to use it. She never wanted to become someone who couldn’t live a day without makeup, and she’s never regretted that decision.

Lin P., 27

Another inspiration for all those brides-to-be is Lin P. from Cleveland, who from the very beginning was sure about how she wanted to look on her wedding day – natural. She didn’t want to feel any heavy feeling on her skin and has always enjoyed how her skin feels on a daily basis. For her makeup look, she chose her sister as her artist, who had only used a few products like brow gel, sunscreen, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and lip color to give Lin that perfect glow.

Gina L., 35

Gina usually doesn’t wear makeup unless it’s a special occasion, and what could be more special than her wedding day? But even on her important day, she kept it simple and stuck only with the essentials, like mascara, some eyeliner, and a little bit of powder. Her family wasn’t surprised at all and supported her fully.